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About the Institution's Magazines

The Institution's magazines provide regular, comprehensive and independent coverage of major technical developments in the maritime industry worldwide.  Magazines are published in printed and digital format.  Digital issues may be read on a PC, tablet or smartphone through the RINA Publications App, available through the App Store and Google Play. 

The Naval Architect

Published in 10 issues per year, The Naval Architect is the principal magazine of The Royal Institution of  Naval Architects, providing independent, high quality technical information on all aspects of ship design, construction and outfitting of large commercial vessels.   More about The Naval Architect

Ship & Boat International

Ship & Boat International provides quality technical information on all aspects of commercial small craft/small ship design, construction and operations. The journal covers a wide range of vessel types from 5m up to around 100m in length. More about Ship & Boat International

Shiprepair & Maintenance

Published quarterly, Shiprepair & Maintenance provides quality technical information on all aspects of maritime repair, maintenance, retrofits and conversion.  More about Shiprepair & Maintenance

Warship Technology 

Warship Technology  is published five times a year, and adopts a technical rather than political or economic approach to naval defence, giving in-depth coverage to the design, construction and outfitting of all types of naval vessels worldwide.  More about Warship Technology

Offshore Marine Technology

Published quarterly, Offshore Marine Technology provides regular in-depth quality technical information related to support vessels, research and survey vessels, accommodation vessels and heavy-lift vessels.As well as new offshore vessels and ROV designs of all sizes, including: offshore wind park crew transfer craft; heavy lift vessels; Arctic-bound icebreakers; FPSO units; crew transfer and supply vessels; survey ships; anchor-handling vessels;and jack-up rigs.  More about Offshore Marine Technology

Marine Power & Propulsion

Published annually, Marine Power & Propulsion is a supplement to the October edition of The Naval Architect , providing  quality technical information on all aspects related to marine power, engine room design, propulsion and propeller systems, green technologies, regulation and ancillary equipment.  More about Marine Power & Propulsion

Significant Ships

Significant Ships is an annual publication, describing, in one volume, the most innovative and important commercial designs of vessels 100m LOA and above delivered by shipyards during the previous year. It includes a cross-section of ship types, with each vessel being either representative of its type or singularly significant.  Each ship receives a concise technical description and principal particulars, (including the major equipment suppliers), general arrangement plans and a colour photograph of the vessel.  More about Significant Ships

Significant Small Ships

Significant Small Ships is an annual publication, describing in one volume, approximately 30 new vessels including fast ferries and passenger vessels, tugs and workboats, fishing, and offshore patrol etc.  Each vessel description will comprise a concise technical description, extensive tabular principal particulars including major equipment suppliers, detailed general arrangement plans and a colour ship photograph.   More about Significant Small Ships