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International Journal Maritime Engineering

IJME_163_A1_front_coverThe International Journal of Maritime Engineering (IJME) provides a forum for the reporting and discussion on technical and scientific issues associated with the design and construction of commercial marine vessels .  Contributions in the form of papers and notes, together with discussion on published papers are welcomed.

The IJME is published four times a year as the Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, and  is available on subscription to members, and non members.

The IJME is listed in the the SCImago Journal & Country Rank

IJME Technical Papers

International Journal of Maritime Engineering technical papers may introduce new theory or evaluate existing theory, or describe experimental or novel practical work, Papers presenting case histories will report on new or existing techniques, including design and production. Papers may also provide literary reviews which appraise and evaluate published work. All papers are peer refereed.

IJME Technical Notes

International Journal of Maritime EngineeringTechnical Notes should provide early announcement of new ideas, findings, procedures, applications, interim results, etc., which might later on form part of a full paper. Technical Notes are refereed as for papers, but due allowance will be made for their immediate nature.

ubmission of papers

Important information regarding submission of papers for 2021.

As of 2021, the IJME is now published in partnership with UBP.

Please make sure to submit your paper through our new online submission system link below.

To make an online submission click here

Guidelines for IJME Authors

Papers and technical notes for publication should be submitted electronically, in accordance with the Institution's standard format.  Authors are responsible for obtaining security clearance as required. If they so wish, authors may add a disclaimer stating that the opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

When submitting contributions for publication, authors must state if the paper or technical note has been published before and where, or whether it is being considered for publication by some other publisher.

In submitting papers or technical notes for publication, authors implicitly assign copyright to the Royal Institution of Naval Architects if the paper or technical note is published. Where copyright is held elsewhere, authors must present evidence of approval to re-publish.

Guidelines for Authors (MSWord file)

Search for IJME papers

All IJME papers are listed in the searcheable Publications Database by date, title, author and abstract. Individual papers or Volumes may be ordered online.

Search Publications .

Members are entitled to up to four papers per year published in the IJME, IJSCT or Conference Proceedings free of charge. To obtain a digital copy of a paper, contact the Publication Department at

Discussions on IJME Papers

Comments on papers and technical notes will normally be published in the first available issue of the IJME following that in which the paper was published. Discussion may be continued in subsequent issues, at the discretion of the Editor.

Authors will be invited to respond to published comment. Click on the link to view IJME papers open for discussion.

IJME Digital Editions

The IJME is published in printed and (from 2003 onwards) digital editions.Subscribers receive  free access to all archive editions. IJME Digital Editions

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Annual Report &Transactions

Published in a hardback bound volume, the Annual Report and Transactions contains all IJME and IJSCT papers published during the year. The Annual Report & Transactions is available on subscription or individual purchase, including past volumes.

To order/subscribe, contact the Publications Department at