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Warship 2019: Multi-Role Vessels

5-6 June 2019, UK


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Declining fleet numbers in many navies combined with rapidly evolving technologies is demanding more flexible vessels that can be easily re-roled or upgraded through life.

Common designs along with multi-role or modular technologies can reduce the number of hull types in service, thus affording higher levels of commonality between ship classes and the potential for reduced build and support costs. Flexibility and Adaptability requires ship designs to incorporate appropriate margins but these must be intelligently specified to ensure they are available when required and they do not compromise the core vessel capabilities.

The conference will present technical developments in the design and construction of multi-role vessels.  It will also provide the opportunity to consider whether this is the best way forward and investigate the possible pitfalls and issues with this approach. It will address the following questions through the papers presented at the conference:

  • With experience of existing flexible / multi-role naval ships how often are they / have they been re-rolled?  As people paying a premium for something that they are not using?
  • Could this cause the stagnation in hull form design as continuity in platforms may exist across classes (and navies)?
    • Could cheaper vessels imply more vulnerable vessels?  i.e. do they keep up with the threats?
    • Could this cause as loss on SQEP designers?
  • Could this cause an increase in gap / time between new classes leading to the needs to rebuild skills in both the designer/shipyard and client sides (e.g. QEC – no one working had done it as the last time it was done was in the 1960’s).
  • Are existing naval standards suitable for these types of vessel?
  • Does the operator understand / know how they will use these vessels?


Technical papers on the following topics are invited:

  • Multi-Role Vessel Designs
  • Adaptability including modularity
  • Challenges of specifying multi-role or flexible ships including margins
  • Influence of future technologies on naval ship design
  • Integration of unmanned and autonomous systems
  • Costing of multi-role or modular designs for acquisition and through life

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