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IJME 285

Paper title: Multi-parametric Diagnostics of Gas Turbine Engines



J Sinay, TU Košice, Department of Safety and Quality Production, A Tompos, TU Košice, Department of Safety and Quality Production
M Puskar, TU Košice, Department of Design, Transportation and Logistics
V Petkova, STU Bratislava, Institute of Thermal Power Engineering, Slovakia


This article addresses the issue of diagnostics and maintenance of Gas Turbine Engines which are located in high Speed Ferries, Cruisers, Frigates, Corvettes, etc. Assurance of reliable operation can be performed only by using correct diagnostic methods and procedures of monitoring the condition of the devices and by selecting the correct strategy of maintenance. The issue of monitoring the technical condition of Gas Turbine Engines is treated through multiparametric methods of technical diagnostics incorporated into predictive maintenance, which is a part of proactive maintenance. There are methods of vibrodiagnostics, thermography, tribology, borescopy and emissions measurement. Each of these methods has lots of advantages and disadvantages; therefore it is very important to ensure their correct combination for trouble-free operation of those important facilities. Their suitability at work is discussed in the matrix of diagnostic methods application and the PF chart. The output of the work is a proposal of a suitable model of maintenance control which uses multiparametric diagnostic methods for small and big Gas Turbine Engines and optimizes maintenance costs.


Transactions RINA, Vol 156, Part A2, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Apr-Jun 2014 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2014.a2.285

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