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"Elegance and adrenaline"

Ship & Boat International: eNews June 2020



TecnoRib has officially launched its Pirelli 42 model, a walk-around-styled RIB intended to serve as a shadow boat or a day cruiser, and to offer “the perfect balance between elegance and adrenaline”, the builder says. The 13.1m x 4.1m boat, which was designed jointly by TecnoRib and Sweden’s Mannerfelt Design Team, and which made its show debut at the boot Düsseldorf event in January, has space for up to 14 passengers and features two berths.


According to TecnoRib: “The emphasis is on open spaces, from the day area to the sofa in the bow, with a broad range of engine options available.” The most common configuration would be a pair of petrol or diesel engines spanning the 640-900hp (477-671kW) range; while the power output selected will cause the top speed to vary, TecnoRib suggests a cruising speed in the region of 28knots.


The Pirelli 42 has been fitted with sunpads forward and aft, and features a day area with an outdoor table and an underdeck area with a transformable dinette and bathroom. The build incorporates 600mm tubes and a GRP hull. Onboard capacities include 950litres of fuel and 200litres of black water. TecnoRib adds that this model represents “the first in a new range”, with a larger unit, the Pirelli 52, set to follow.