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Significant Small Ships of 2012

Editor:  Martin ConwaySignificant Small Ships 2012 - page layout


Significant Small Ships of 2012 includes a wide variety of the most innovative, trend-setting and interesting commercial craft up to 100m in length delivered in 2012 by ship and boatyards worldwide.  Each vessel presentation comprises of a full page, with colour photograph, a detailed technical description, the main particulars in tabular form and a list of major suppliers.

Significant Small Ships of 2012 provides a wealth of information in a readable format, and features 31 of the most innovative and important commercial designs completed last year worldwide. 


Significant Small Ships of 2012 can now be ordered, and is available in printed or USB format.

Ref: SSC12 Publication Price - £31.50 (RINA Member £26)



Significant Small Ships of 2012

The newbuildings featured in this year's volume of Significant Small Ships include:Significant Small Ship 2012 - front cover

  • Alison Macgregor: 11m vessel, specially designed to offer disabled passengers easy access and safe sails
  • Bergesen D.Y: lightweight rescue vessel built to exacting Norwegian standards
  • Bolt 18: record-breaking, all-electric powerboat with rechargeable battery cells
  • BRAtt 880-SU: former training tug makes operational comeback as solution for confined space harbours
  • Cwind Astute: turbine technician transfer SWATH limiting motions to 25% of those affecting conventional catamarans
  • Donˇ A Clary: first offshore support vessel in the RAmparts 3700 series
  • El Chalten: revamped 58m anchor handling tug / supply vessel
  • Esvagt Aurora: stand-by vessel operating in harsh Barents Sea conditions
  • Gazpromneft Nordwest: Turkish-designed and built, oil- and chemical-carrying bunkering tanker
  • Grampian Don: first of four North Sea-bound emergency response and    rescue vessels
  • Harro Koebke: triple-engined SAR vessel undertaking missions in the Baltic
  • Hawc12: Hong Kong cat designed for patrol, dive support and water taxi services
  • Interceptor: self-righting pilot boat, designed for harsh operations         
  • KBV 312: Patrol class operated by the Swedish Coast Guard
  • Lady Anna: Multipurpose cargo vessel, specialising in NW European short sea sails
  • Mary D Odyssey: passenger comfort high on agenda for high-speed monohull
  • Ocean Wave: new super-powered breed of tug, nearing 150tonnes bp
  • Oceanic: wind turbine parts transporter, with maximised cargo hold width
  • Owaijah II: high-speed patrol catamaran operating in extreme Gulf state temperatures
  • Polaris: pilot station vessel equipped with three fast launch craft
  • Preventer: high-speed police craft with submersible rear platform
  • Sajo Columbia: multi-purpose tuna purse seiner designed to handle fish storage, transportation and unloading
  • Sanaborg: icebreaking offshore support vessel, built to ‘double acting’ specifications
  • Signet Constellation: escort and emergency towing tug
  • Simon Stevin: research vessel with ‘silent mode’ capability
  • Suffolk Spirit: one of largest UK multi-purpose workboats to date            
  • Vitus Bering: Arctic-bound, ice-breaking emergency rescue vessel
  • Vroon 01: fast daughter craft RIB for ERRV support
  • Warnemünde: deepwater pilot boat with an emphasis on crew comfort
  • Wildcat 3: GRP-built offshore wind farm support cat with low fuel consumption rate
  • Wind Servant: Offshore wind farm supp

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