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Hybrid mix for 'Shenhai 01'

Ship & Boat International eNews: November/December 2020



The Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), China has taken delivery of Shenhai 01, a 78m hybrid diesel-electric rescue vessel.


Constructed domestically by Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding, and capable of accommodating up to 60 persons, the vessel has a design speed of at least 18knots, a wind resistance rating of 12 and an endurance of 1,000nm.


ABB supplied and integrated the vessel's energy storage system, which comprises two sets of lithium batteries with a combined capacity of 1,680kWh. ABB tells Ship & Boat International: "The batteries enable Shenhai 01 to operate in all-electric / zero-emission mode for up to three hours, which is particularly crucial for safe rescue operations in areas affected by hazardous gas." The batteries can be charged either from shore or by onboard generators.


The two battery sets, plus three sets of diesel generators, are controlled by ABB's integrated Power and Energy Management System (PEMS). The vessel also incorporates a pair of 360°-manoeuvrable Azipod electric propulsion units, rated 6MW in total. ABB claims that these can slash fuel consumption by up to 20% "compared to traditional shaftline propulsion systems".


Shenhai 01's integrity and performance are being remotely monitored via ABB's Ability remote diagnostics service, which is designed to detect and correct any faults on board, and to enable remote support from ABB's global network of operations centres.





Shenhai 01


Length, oa 78m
Breadth, moulded 12.8m
Depth, moulded 5.5m
Design draught 3.4m
Displacement (full load) 1,462tonnes
Persons on board 60