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Significant Ships of 2019

Significant Ships of 2019 features, in one volume, a total of approximately 40 of the most innovative and important commercial designs delivered during the year by shipyards worldwide.  Each entry comprises of a concise technical description, extensive tabular principal particulars, including major equipment suppliers, detailed general arrangement plans and a colour ship photograph. Significant Ships of 2019 can now be ordered in printed or USB format.

Published February 2020

Pre-Publication price - £35 (RINA Members £29)

Significant Small Ships of 2019

Significant Small Ships of 2019 contains approximately 30 new vessels which are singularly significant or the first in a series and includes fast ferries and passenger vessels, tugs and workboats, fishing, and offshore patrol etc: Each entry of this mixed but fascinating selection of small craft, all between 15m and 100m in length, includes a technical description, extensive tabular principal particulars, including major equipment suppliers, detailed general arrangement plans and a colour ship photograph. Significant Small Ships of 2019 can now be ordered in printed or USB format.

Published February 2020

Pre-Publication price - £35 (RINA Member £29)

Vanguard to Dreadnought 30 years of Naval Construction 1983-2013Flysheet RCNC thumbnail

(celebrating the 130th anniversary of The Royal Corps of Naval Constructors 1883-2013)

Compiled and Edited by: Charles V Betts

This 130th anniversary book was originally commissioned by the then Head of the Royal Corps, Tony Graham, for publication within the Ministry of Defence in 2013. After relatively minor changes it now has the permission of the Ministry of Defence for open publication. It tells the story of the modern history of the RCNC since the Centenary history was published in 1983. The book draws upon first-hand accounts and material from the annual RCNC Journal and from unclassified technical papers and official reports. The book charts the design, procurement and support of warships and their systems over the last two decades of the 20th century and the first decade or so of the 21st. It places these developments in the context of how the Ministry of Defence (MoD) organisation and warship acquisition and support have changed and the effect of these changes on the RCNC itself.

ISBN: 978-1-909024-74-8  Pagination: 190 pages (Hardback)

Publication Price: £27.50 plus £3 P&P   Click here to buy

Ships and Shipbuilders: Pioneers of Ship Design and Construction

By Fred Walker FRINAShips Shipbuilders

Ships and Shipbuilders describes the lives and work of more than 120 great engineers, scientists, shipwrights and naval architects who shaped ship design and shipbuilding world wide. Told chronologically, such well-known names as Anthony Deane, Peter the Great, James Watt, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel share space with lesser known characters like the luckless Frederic Sauvage, a pioneer of screw propulsion who, unable to interest the French navy in his tests in the early 1830s, was  bankrupted and landed in debtor’s prison. With the inclusion of such names as Ben Lexcen, the Australian yacht designer who developed the controversial winged keel for the 1983 America’s Cup, the story is brought right up to date.

Publication Price UK £12.50 EUR £16.00 OVS £18.00 (Amazon price: £21.25)   Click here to buy

Improving Ship Operational DesignImproving Ship Operational Design second edition RGB 72dpi

Bad ship design can kill people. It can also make working onboard difficult and resting onboard impossible. Good design can make maritime operations safer and more effective. This book aims to give naval architects and ship designers, both new and experienced, an insight into how seafarers work and live on the ships they design and how their daily lives could be improved by focusing on human-centred design.

Naval architects rarely get an opportunity to go to sea, and there are few avenues for seafarers to make their views known to designers. The Nautical Institute would like to start a dialogue to help improve the flow of information between naval architects and seafarers, and to follow up on the work carried out by the CyClaDes project.

Practical articles on ship types and the operational requirements of personnel, illustrated by case studies, form the core of the book. References are given and suggestions for further reading.

RINA members can get a 30% discount: email and quote RINA30.

Price (RINA member discounted 30%): £38.50 plus carriage
Price (full): £55 plus carriage  Publisher: The Nautical Institute ISBN: 978 1 906915 28 5 Pagination: 184 plus cover

RINA-150th Anniversary CoverThe Royal Institution of Naval Architects 1860-2010

Edited by the Chief Executive

Published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Institution, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects 1860-2010 provides a history of the Institution as reflected in the development of the naval architecture profession and the maritime industry over that time.  In the book, members give their personal views on the development of their sector of the maritime industry and how it will develop in the future.

Publication Price: UK £5.50 EUR £6.00 OVS £7.00        Click here to buy

LamentableLamentable Intelligence from the Admiralty

By Chris Thomas

HMS Vanguard sank in thick fog in Dublin Bay in September 1875 rammed by her sister ship. No lives were lost (except perhaps that of the Captain's dog) but this one event provides valuable insight into naval history of the late nineteenth century. Chris Thomas examines what happened, setting it in the context of naval life, the social and economic situation of officers and ratings. He describes the furore caused by the unjust verdict of the Court Martial, vividly illustrating the joys and trials of the seagoing life in the Victorian era, and the tragic effect on the life of Captain Richard Dawkins and his family.

Publication Price: UK £9.00 EUR £10.00 OVS £12.00    Click here to buy

Ship Market Trends

What factors will influence the shipping market, and how are they linked? By studying the current and historical market, we are going to discover some new links. This book's charts and historical data are derived from Clarksons Research and Baltic Exchange. I very much appreciate their support in fulfilling the writing of this book. The study is based on the high liquidity shipping market with available transparency market data, like dry bulk carriers, oil tankers, and container ships. There are limitations to the data and method being used, and it may not work in some cases, but this will leave an opportunity for further discussion or development in the future. This book was initiated at the time when M/V STELLAR DAISY sank in South Atlantic at the end of March 2017, taking with her the lives of 22 crew members.

Profits go to the Sailors' Society in memory of those who lost their lives at sea.

Publication Price: £38 (Members £30) & £3.50 P + P Click here to buy

Ship Market Trend