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Recent IJME Papers

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IJME Part A4 2017

IJME 403: Hullform & Hydrodynamic Considerations in the Design of the UK Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF)

IJME 429: Non-Dimensionalisation of Lateral Distances Between Vessels of Dissimilar Sizes for Interaction Effect Studies

IJME 430: Analysis of a WWII T2-Tanker Using a Virtual 3D Model and Contemporary Criteria

IJME 441: Safe Mooring of Large Container Ships at Quay Walls Subject to Passing Ship Effects

IJME 442: The Safety of Ship Berthing Operations at Port Dock – A Gap Assessment Model Based on Fuzzy AHP

IJME 450: Numerical Prediction of Vertical Ship Motions and Added Resistance

IJME 452: Regulatory Approaches Leading to Holistic Implementation in a Fishing Vessel Fleet Less Than 24m in Length

IJME 453: A Simulation-Based Methodology for Evaluating the Factors on Ship Emergency Evacuation

IJME  Part A3  2017

IJME 351: Risk Analysis of Offshore Transportation Accident in Arctic Waters

IJME 411: Development of Automatic Mode Detection System by Implementing the Statistical Analysis of Ship Data to Monitor the Performance

IJME 416: The Economics of a Long Term Coating

IJME 421: An Optimization Model for Preliminary Stability and Configuration Analyses of Semi-Submersibles

IJME 425: Evaluation Methodology on Trajectory of Inbound Single Ship Using Similarity Measurement Between Planar Clouds

IJME 426: CFD Study of Ship-To-Bank Interaction

IJME 428: Managing International Collaborative Research Between Academics, Industries, and Policy Makers in Understanding the Effects of Biofouling in Ship Hull Turbulent Boundary Layers

IJME 433: Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Reduced Vertical Centre of Gravity of an Articulated Concrete Mattress in Current Flow

IJME Part A2 2017

IJME 394: An Advanced Procedure for the Quantitative Risk Assessment of Offshore Installations in Explosions

IJME 401: Numerical Study on NOx Emission Reduction Mechanism of HCCI Marine Diesel Engine for IMO Tier III Emission Limits

IJME 404: Advantages and Obstacles of Applying Physiological Computing in Real World: Lessons Learned from Simulator Based

IJME 407: A Virtual Piston-Type Wave Maker Based on OpenFOAM

IJME 410: A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Analysing Baltic Dry Index in the Bulk Maritime Industry

IJME 415: Naval Architecture Considerations in the Design of Floating Dock

IJME 418: Sliding Mode Based Predictive Controller of a Spheroidal Underwater Vehicle

IJME 419: Model- and Full-Scale RANS Simulations for a Drift Tanker

IJME 420: Backstepping Control of Nonlinear Roll Motion for a Trawler with Fin Stabilizer

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