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Recent IJME Papers

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IJME Part A3 2019

IJME 515: A review of methods for hydro-acoustic analysis of non-cavitating marine propellers

IJME 523: Evaluation of the root cause of failure in a crawler crane machine using hybrid MCDM model

IJME 526: Deriving safety requirement hierarchies for families of maritime systems

IJME 539: Identifying and scheduling DDOS-application layer attacks in marine, oil & gas exploration assets on-board systems like PMS, sensor based data systems

IJME 541: Study of gas fuel leakage and explosion in the engine room of a small LNG-fuelled ship

IJME 542A: An integrated fuzzy MCDM model for evaluation and selection of a suitable tugboat

IJME 543: Simulation of a vessel berthing using ARENA: Case of beirut container terminal

IJME 545: Viability of using engine room simulators for evalution machinery performance and energy management onboard ships

IJME 546: Application of fuzzy TOPSIS model for container port selection considering evironmental factors

IJME 552: Operational behavior of an offshore multipurpose support vessel in the eastern mediterranean sea

IJME 557: The direct evaluation method of dead ship stability for intact ship

IJME Part A2 2019

IJME 518: The Classification of Pipe-Lay Vessels and Heavy-Lift Crane Vessels

IJME 519: Risk Management of Terminal On-Site Operations for Special Bulk Cargos in Taiwan

IJME 520: Study of Airflow Around Ship with Rigid Sail Array and Potential Array Propulsive Power

IJME 522: High-Speed Wave-Piercing Catamaran Global Loads Determined by FEA and Sea Trials

IJME 530: An Efficient Graph Theory-Based Algorithm for Ship Trajectory Planning

IJME 532: Energy Efficiency Based Operation of Compressed Air System on Ships to Reduce Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emission

IJME 533: Control of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Using Model Predictive Control

IJME 538: Development of a Mathematical Model for Performance Prediction of Planing Catamaran in Calm Water

IJME 502tn: Flame Spread and Smoke & Toxicity Testing Interpretations for Plastic Pipes

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