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Recent IJME Papers

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IJME Part A4 2018

IJME 489: Effects of Marine Condition on the Speed and Fuel Consumption of a Fully – Loaded VLCC

IJME 496: Risk Assessment Model of Coastal Sea Pollution By Black (Sewage) Waters From Vessels

IJME 498: Performance Prediction of a 112M Wave-Piercing Catamaran

IJME 499: Dry-Docking Time and Labour

IJME 500: An Application of Machine Learning To Shipping Emission Inventory

IJME 504: Full-Scale Measurements of Welding-Induced Initial Deflections and Residual Stresses in Steel-Stiffened Plate Structures

IJME 505: An Optimized Energy-Efficient Path Following Algorithm For Underactuated Marine Surface Ship Model

IJME 510: Evaluating Key Risk Factors Affecting Cargo Damages on Export Operations For Container Carriers In Taiwan

IJME Part A3 2018

IJME 448: Estimation of hydrodynamic coefficients of a nonlinear manoeuvring  Mathematical model with free-running ship model tests

IJME 466: The assessment of maritime safety in the Turkish straits based on the performance of flag 227 states in port state control regimes

IJME 469: Dangers arising from application of the probabilistic method (as included in SOLAS 243 2009 Ch.II.1) to measuring level of safety of cargo ships

IJME 475: Prediction of hydrodynamic performance of 3-D WIG by IBEM 249

IJME 482: Reinforcement of ageing ship structures 257

IJME 485: Coupled ranse and lifting line theory for estimation of ship propulsion factors 267

IJME 486: Lightship weight estimation of wind farm support vessels at the initial design stage 275

IJME 493: Ship manoeuvring prediction based on numerical towing tank technique 285

IJME 479tn: Virtual hull monitoring: Continuous fatigue assessment without additional instrumentation

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