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Recent IJME Papers

Click on the individual  International Journal of Maritime Engineering (IJME) Part to see list of authors, summary of paper and reference. Access to the complete issue via the IJME digital archive page.

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Also view the IJME papers which are still open for  Discussions:

IJME Part A1 2020

IJME 492: Insights into the Flow Within the Well Dock of a Mothership During Feeder Vessel Docking Manoeuvres

IJME 512a: Evaluation of Survivability of a Ship After Damage with Application of a Risk Calculation Method

IJME 536a: Buckle Propagation of Sandwich Pipes Under External Pressure

IJME 547: Analysis of Dynamic Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Stiffened Plates Based on Extended FE Method

IJME 565: Prediction of The Dynamic Response of a Ship in Head Waves Using OpenFOAM Toolbox

IJME 581: Alternative Assessment of Weather Criterion for Ships with Large Breadth and Draught Ratios By a Model Experiment: A Case Study on an Indonesian Ro-Ro Ferry

IJME 582: Parametric Formulation of the Floodable Length Curve: Application Case to Offshore Patrol Vessels

IJME 586: The Motion Trajectory-Based Finite-Time Control for the Marine Surface Vehicle

IJME 592: Set Point Tracking Control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle using Model Predictive Control

IJME 595: CFD Simulation of Motion Responses of a Trimaran in Regular Head Waves

IJME Part A4 2019

IJME 524: Mathematical Model and Analytical Solution for the Vibration of Inclined Fluid-Transporting Submarine Pipelines

IJME 525A: CFD Model to Analyze SO2 Absorption in a Seawater Droplet

IJME 537: Deterministic-Based Ship Anti-Collision Route Optimization with Web-Based Application

IJME 540: Free Vibration of Skew Laminates – A Brief Review and Some Benchmark Results

IJME 544: The Evaluation of Competitiveness on Cost Advantage of Regional Hub Port: The Case Study of Trans-Pacific Route Against Kaohsiung Port

IJME 550: Flow Field on Helodeck of a Frigate: A Review

IJME 551: “Liquefaction” and “Dynamic Separation” Different Aspects of the Same Problem

IJME 553: Study on the Assessment of Impact Force Between Ship and Bridge Pier

IJME 556: Determining the Maritime Transportation Policy of Turkey

IJME 558A: Investigation of Hull Strength of River Sea Container Vessel

IJME 560: Numerical Modeling of a Very Large Crude Oil Carrier Using Ansys CFX: A Case Study of Salina

IJME 563: Telfer’s geosim method revisited by CFD

IJME 479tn: ERRATA: Corrigenda to Virtual Hull Monitoring: Continuous Fatigue Assessment Without Additional Instrumentation

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