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Pemamek Ltd.

pemamek logo rgb croppedPemamek is a global technology leader in designing and manufacturing automated welding and production solutions. With extensive 50-year experience in welding automation, Pemamek is dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and power generation industry, to raise the level of productivity.

Founded in 1970, the company is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today, Pemamek employs 230 personnel at its headquarters in Loimaa. All business functions from manufacturing to design are implemented in Pemamek’s modern and technically advanced premises in Loimaa, Finland.
Pemamek has sales offices also in the USA, Russia, Brazil, and Poland.

Coming from Finland, it is built-in Pemamek’s DNA to provide cutting-edge welding automation technology to the customers and help companies to Make More.

30-years experience in shipyard automation

Shipbuilding as one of Pemamek’s main customer segments, the company has been providing the world´s best and most productive shipbuilding production automation solutions already for 30 years.

The benefits of working with PEMA shipbuilding automation:

  • From a single station to an entire production facility
  • Customer-oriented engineering
  • Most advanced applications tested in-house
  • Welding, material handling and control systems
  • Forerunner in modern technologies

Efficient and cost-effective production

Maintaining a competitive edge at shipyards requires efficient production. When increasing the level of automation, it leads to more cost-effective and competitive production.  Pemamek offers modern and complete production lines to efficiently manufacture ship hull constructions, such as flat panels, double hulls, and sub-assembly panels.

The range of PEMA shipbuilding production automation includes:

  • Plate and profile prefabrication systems
  • Flat-panel production lines
  • Double-bottom production lines, vertical welding
  • Subassembly production lines (micro, bulkhead)
  • T-beam fabrication lines
  • Robotised panel lines or production cells for welding, Vision systems
  • Robotised profile cutting lines, milling and shot blasting systems for profiles
  • Production logistics and data collection software
  • Full steel production package from pre-design to start-up and commissioning

Address:    Lamminkatu 47
                   FI-32200 Loimaa

Tel:           +358 10 501 61

Fax:          +358 10 501 6500


Contact:    Mr. Jukka Rantala



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