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RINA Bookshop - New Publications



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The following new publications are now available from the RINA Bookshop:


Vanguard to Dreadnought 30 years of Naval Construction 1983-2013


This 130th anniversary book was originally commissioned by the then Head of the Royal Corps, Tony Graham, for publication within the Ministry of Defence in 2013. After relatively minor changes it now has the permission of the Ministry of Defence for open publication. It tells the story of the modern history of the RCNC since the Centenary history was published in 1983. The book draws upon first-hand accounts and material from the annual RCNC Journal and from unclassified technical papers and official reports. The book charts the design, procurement and support of warships and their systems over the last two decades of the 20th century and the first decade or so of the 21st. It places these developments in the context of how the Ministry of Defence (MoD) organisation and warship acquisition and support have changed and the effect of these changes on the RCNC itself.


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Warship 2019: Multi-Role Vessels

25 - 26 June, Bristol, UK

Declining fleet numbers in many navies combined with rapidly evolving technologies is demanding more flexible vessels that can be easily re-roled or upgraded through life.

Common designs along with multi-role or modular technologies can reduce the number of hull types in service, thus affording higher levels of commonality between ship classes and the potential for reduced build and support costs. Flexibility and Adaptability requires ship designs to incorporate appropriate margins but these must be intelligently specified to ensure they are available when required and they do not compromise the core vessel capabilities.

Available in Print Format (Ref: WS19P) & USB Format (Ref: WS19USB)



ICCAS 2019

24 - 26 September, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The venue for the 19th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS), to be held in 2019, has been announced as Rotterdam.

Continuing the noteworthy success of previous conferences, ICCAS offers unequalled opportunity for international delegates from the global shipbuilding and marine industry to see practical application of computing technologies across all aspects of design, production, and in-service operation of ships and marine structures.

Available in Print Format (Ref: ICCAS19P) & USB Format (Ref: ICCAS19USB)


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Wind Propulsion 2019

15 - 16 October, London, UK

The current use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources within the shipping industry is still relatively scarce. Growing environmental legislation and concerns are driving the need to develop and apply innovative alternative power and propulsion technology for ships.

Now, industry players are increasingly putting a modern spin on one of the oldest concepts in shipping: harnessing the power of wind for ship propulsion.

Available in Print Format (Ref: WIN19P) & USB Format (Ref: WIN19USB)


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Marine Industry 4.0 2019

5 November, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution, is coming to the marine industry whether you’re ready or not. While there are still some technical challenges to overcome much of the technology is already available and is starting to be applied to real world design, construction and operation problems. However, there are still regulatory, class and public perception challenges to overcome before all of these advances can become a reality.

Available in Print Format (Ref: MI19P) & USB Format (Ref: MI19USB)

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