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New RAL tug designs in a class of their own

Ship & Boat International: eNews October 2017



Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) has produced a new adaptable tug design specifically for Hong Kong builder and long-term partner Cheoy Lee Shipyards. Dubbed the RAmparts 2500-CL class, this new breed is described as an “evolution” of RAL’s existing RAmparts 2500-W design, and one capable of offering customers a wide and flexible range of operational arrangements.


Featuring core dimensions of 25.4m in overall length, 11.8m in moulded breadth and 4.6m in moulded depth, and designed to draw between 4.63-5.1m, the RAmparts 2500-CL can be fitted with various propulsive packages, enabling bollard pull capabilities of 50tonnes, 60tonnes or 70tonnes.


Customers can also choose whether to incorporate forward and aft winches and/or firefighting equipment into their particular tug order(s). Similarly, accommodation areas can be structured in a number of different ways, incorporating various layouts and design features that nonetheless comply with the terms of the Maritime Labour Convention, for crew safety and comfort.


RAL has also tweaked the RAmparts 2500-W’s hull and skeg, to ensure what it describes as “improved manoeuvring and side-stepping capabilities” for the RAmparts 2500-CL. The design incorporates a half-raised forecastle deck, to shield the working deck from green water, and includes RAL’s now customary double-chined stern, enabling a combination of high speeds and stability whilst the vessel is moving astern.


Other features of the new, custom class include tank capacities for 91,000litres of fuel and 11,000litres of potable water – and, should the customer exercise the option for Fi-Fi 1 equipment, also for 5,000litres of foam and 5,000litres of dispersant. The RAmparts 2500-CL design has been approved by Lloyd’s Register (LR) and granted that society’s ✠100A1 Tug,✠ LMC, ✠UMS and IWS notations.