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Neptune Marine Services

Neptune Marine ServicesNeptune Marine Services Limited is the proprietor of the patented NEPSYS Dry Underwater Welding technology that was developed as an innovative, viable alternative to the conventional maintenance practices employed in the offshore oil and gas and marine industries.

Highly portable, the system can be rapidly mobilised to provide a permanent underwater welding solution in-situ that is equal to dry weld standards. The ability of the system to consistently achieve superior quality welds is due to the controlled environment created within the habitat that fully encloses and isolates the heat affected zone from the surrounding environment.

On location, the habitats only enclose the immediate repair area and welding head - i.e. the diver/welder remains outside. As a result the habitats can be customised to suit the specific requirements of each individual project and can be fabricated in very short time frames, at a fraction of the cost of conventional practices.

Address:   Level 16
                140 St Georges Terrace
                Western Australia

Tel:           +61 (0)8 9424 1111
Fax:          +61 (0)8 9424 1110


Contact:     Konrad Drogemuller



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