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During the period of Initial Professional Development (IPD), when Associate Members are seeking to achieve the professional competence required for Corporate membership, they may be guided by three experienced engineers or individuals in meeting the requirements for transfer to Member (MRINA) and (if required) registration as a professional engineer, eg CEng, IEng, EngTech, PE etc.

For those companies with a training department or Graduate Training Programme, the designated Training Officer will guide and monitor the completion of the programme, which may be accredited in part or in full as meeting the Institution's requirements. 

In smaller companies, this responsibility may be given to another member of staff in addition to their other duties. However, it is recognised that many Associate Members will not enjoy the benefit of such company support.

The Line Manager will focus on maximising the Associate Member's contribution to the company's aims and objectives.  Their responsibility will generally only extend to the Associate Member's performance in their current post, although they may be able to give advice and guidance on their wider career development.

The Mentor will focus on the professional and personal needs of the Associate Member, providing assistance with the self-assessment of strengths, weaknesses and development needs of the individual, immediately with respect to meeting the requirements of Corporate membership, but also with ensuring that the individual achieves the sound foundation for a successful career. The Mentor will provide valuable continuity during this period.

It is recognised that in small companies, these roles may be combined.

Guidance on Mentoring

The Mentor


The Mentor will be an experienced engineer, preferably from outside the Associate Member's company or at least the same department.

The Mentor will normally be a Corporate member of the Institution and may also be registered as a professional engineer, eg CEng, IEng, EngTech, PE, etc. A non-member of the Institution may act as a Mentor, provided he or she has sufficient experience or expertise in naval architecture or in the maritime industry

The Mentor will have up to date knowledge and broad experience of the maritime industry, and will be able to relate to the Associate Member's background and experience.

The Mentor will also have a good understanding of the Institution's requirements and procedures for achieving Corporate membership and registration.



The Mentor role is to provide guidance and assistance to the Associate Member by:

  • Discussing achievable goals
  • Identifying professional development opportunities
  • Identifying any areas of weakness and suggesting how such weaknesses can be addressed.
  • Discussing career aspirations and individual needs
  • Suggesting opportunities to gain knowledge or expertise both inside and outside the company.
  • Assisting the Associate Member to prepare for the application process for Corporate membership, including the Professional Review Report and Interview if applicable.
  • Encouraging or motivating the Associate Member throughout their period of IPD.

Guidance for Mentors

The Associate Member

The Associate Member should initially seek a Mentor through his or her employer, or from their own personal contacts. Whilst some Associate Members may feel more comfortable with someone they know, for others, more successful mentoring may be achieved with someone they are not familiar with. If no one can be identified who is willing to undertake this task, a colleague may be able to suggest someone from their contacts.

Participation in RINA activities, in particular through local branch activities, may also provide an opportunity to make contact with members who are willing to act as Mentors


Ideally, the Mentor and Associate Member will remain together for the whole period of Initial Professional Development. However, there may be occasions when this is not possible, either due to a change in circumstances of either Mentor or Associate Member which prevent them from meeting, eg change of location.

Where it is not possible to find a suitable person to act as a Mentor through their employer or personal contacts, Associate Members may also seek advice or assistance from the Institution.

Further information is given in the RINA publication Guidance to Associate Members on Mentoring

The Institution

The Professional Affairs Department is available at all times to advise and support both the Mentor and the Associate Member.

Members who agree to act as Mentors may request the Mentor's Information Pack, available online or from the Professional Affairs Department, containing the following guidance notes on Corporate membership and registration:

  • The Professional Development Manual
  • Applying for Corporate membership
  • Applying for registration
  • The Professional Review Report
  • The Professional Review Interview

Further Information

For advice, assistance or further information on mentoring, contact the Professional Affairs Director at

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