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Ship & Boat International: eNews March/April 2020



Indian shipbuilder Chowgule & Co has delivered the first two of a series of 98m general purpose cargo vessels to Dutch owner and manager Wijnne Barends, one of the prominent players in the short-sea trade. Dubbed the Lady H-2 type, the new single-deckers are slightly higher-capacity, 'greener' versions of Lady Helene and Lady Hester, introduced by the Delfzijl-based company from China’s Wenling Hexing Shipyard in 2011. Led in June 2019 by Lady Hanneke, and followed in January this year by second-of-class Lady Hestia, the new design is unmistakeably cast in the Dutch mould.


The Groningen firm Conoship International, which has a longstanding relationship with Wijnne Barends in the development of coastal vessels and small multipurpose traders, said that the design, while derived from the previous Lady H type, has been improved to comply with SOLAS 2009 requirements and IMO Tier III criteria for NOx emissions. The enhanced design also features revised sternship lines and an ECO mode, integrated with optimal propeller revolutions, for lower fuel consumption; Conoship claims average fuel savings of 15% relative to comparable ships in the Wijnne Barends fleet.


The new Lady H series can transport all kinds of dry cargo in moderate to heavy weather conditions, and has been specified to Swedish/Finnish 1A ice class standard. An eight-cylinder Wärtsilä L20 four-stroke main engine, producing 1,600kW at 1,000rpm, drives a controllable-pitch propeller, allowing the ship to make up to 13.5knots at 5.6m fully-laden draught, and 12knots at 85% MCR. Fuel of choice is MGO. 


In addition, a power take-off/power take-in (PTO/PTI) arrangement on the transmission provides the facility for the 150kW shaft generator to act as an electric motor, energised by the diesel gensets, to provide 400kW boost or emergency propulsion power. The electrotechnical installation, including the PTO/PTI machine, was entrusted to Eekels Technology of the Netherlands.


The hold length of 67.2m, in conjunction with the open-top notation and tanktop load rating of 15tonnes/m2, enables the vessel to ship large and heavy items of freight. The box-like form, with straight sides, facilitates cargo intake and maximises capacity within the given hull envelope. Load segregation and versatility in parcel sizes is realised by two moveable grain bulkheads and seven fixing points. 




Lady Hanneke  / Lady H-2 class


Length, oa 98.2m
Breadth, moulded 13.4m
Depth 7.8m
Draught, summer 5.6m
Deadweight 4,230tonnes
Gross tonnage 2,992tonnes
Hold dimensions 67.2m x 11.2m x 8.34m
Hold capacity 5,967m3
Timber load capacity 5,900m3
Classification society Lloyd's Register