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The Naval Architect: February 2018

As per its name, this trailblazing SDARI-designed vessel features an advanced array of cyber systems, incorporating AI technology and big data to optimise whole-ship performance.

The Naval Architect: February 2018

Why does ergonomics still struggle to be taken seriously by ship designers? The Naval Architect looks at recent work to create a shared platform that gives greater emphasis to the end-user experience.

The Naval Archtect: February 2018

Whether it’s newbuilds in a series or a conversion, adding capacity to existing designs is no quick fix, write Kari Reinikainen and Alan Lam.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018


Vittoria Shipyard is set to deliver a 26m loa tug to Algeria this spring, in line with its strategy of diversifying into this vessel sector.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018

Both Macduff's boatbuilding and vessel design wings enjoyed a busyfinish to 2017, with delivery of pilot boat Scotia to ABP preceding new vessel design contracts.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018


Washington-based boatyard Modutech Marine has commenced its rollout of 24 support tugs to the US Navy, the debut vessel having been delivered in December 2017.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018


For Norway’s YSA Design, meeting evolving customer requests means ditching stereotypical perceptions regarding the ‘typical’ yachtowner.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018


Belgian ship operator Compagnie Maritime Belge has taken delivery of the 14m x 4.2m passenger cat Hydroville, which will serve as an 'ambassador' for hydrogen-fuelled vessel development.

Ship & Boat International: eNews January/February 2018

Wärtsilä has proposed its automatic wireless induction charging system as a maintenance-free alternative to cluttered cables and plugs quayside, when recharging electric ferries.

Warship Techology: January 2018

New types of intrinsically safe lithium-ion batteries are being used on a growing number of commercial vessels, but the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in the US has developed a new, lithium-free solution.

Warship Technology: January 2018

Replacing its Nimitz-class carriers with a less costly alternative to the Ford-class ships that are currently under construction is feasible, but would require capability trade-offs

Warship Technology: January 2018

The Indian Coast Guard’s modernisation and expansion plans continue to move forward at a robust pace with the induction of several new platforms and several dozen more ships at various stages of construction.

Shiprepair eNews December 2017

Established in 1974, Colombo Dockyard is the largest and oldest ship building and repair company in Sri Lanka and is based in within the Port of Colombo, thus having the benefits of a deep water harbour.

Shiprepair eNews December 2017

A bent, damaged or cracked propeller blade can produce severe vibrations on the vessel. The resulting unevenly pressure distribution loads on the propeller will increase loads on the shaft and can even damage the engine and transmission system.

Shiprepair eNews December 2017

The 3,237TEU container ship Philadelphia Express docked at Blohm+Voss (in Dock 10) in Hamburg on 29 November 2017



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