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Offshore Marine Technology: 1st Quarter 2020



ROV manufacturer SEAMOR Marine hopes to enhance operations of its subsea vehicles with the introduction of a new handheld controller, which would allow pilots to step away from the main vehicle control console while retaining control over the ROV.


The Playstation-style controller can also be utilised when the pilot is using an alternative display “when navigating via sonar or other instruments”, SEAMOR says. The product is especially aimed at pilots working for extended periods, or on complex tasks, giving them greater freedom of movement and sparing them from having to stand at the console for hours on end.


The handheld control pendant is compatible with SEAMOR’s Chinook, Steelhead and Mako ROV types, as well as its legacy vehicles, and comprises a Logitech F310 model, weighing less than 300g. “Controls for the [ROV’s] thrusters, camera tilt angle and camera lights are mapped onto the pendant’s control sticks and buttons," the company says. "Other vehicle functions can be configured for clients’ specific needs."


The controller can be enabled or disabled with the press of a single button, so the pilot can switch back and forth between the controller and the ROV’s main console panel as required. Should the handheld controller become disconnected, lose power or suffer a failure, control automatically reverts to the main console. 


SEAMOR confirms that it is now able to offer a wireless handheld control pendant, the Logitech F710, for clients who require it. The company states: “In dynamic environments – for example, in a RIB at sea – customers may gain added flexibility while flying their SEAMOR ROVs with wireless capability.”