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Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects - IJSCT Vol 150


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IJSCT Part B1 2008


IJSCT 63: Cost and Energy Assessment of a High Speed Ship, by M Burman

IJS CT 72: Interactions between Yacht-crew Systems and Racing Scenarios combining Behavioural Modes and VPPs, by R. Shenoi, M. Scarponi, S. Turnock and P. Conti

IJSCT 73: Ambiguity in Design, by B Woods

IJSCT 74: An Independent Assessment of Simplified Methods for Design of Composite Single Skin Panels, by R. Loscombe

IJSCT 75: Escort Tug at Large Yaw Angle: Comparison of CFD Predictions with Experimental Data, by D. Molyneux


IJSCT Part B2 2008 


IJSCT 76: What rules and regulations should apply to the construction of mega yachts over 300GT, by J. Strachan

IJSCT 79: RCD Scantling Assessment Process ­ A UK notified body evaluator’s perspective, by R. Loscombe

IJSCT 84: The Speed of Fast Inflatable Lifeboats, by I. Dand, J. Barnes and S. Austen

IJSCT 85: Bank Erosion from Small Craft Wave Wake in Sheltered Waterways, by G. Macfarlane, G. Cox and J. Bradbury

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