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Paper Title: Systematic Assessment of Planing Sailboat Hulls on a Laptop Computer using Parametric Modelling, CFD, and Historical Data



J Raymond, formerly of Groupe Finot-Conq, France, and K Cudby, Freelance Writer, NZ.


Existing systematic hull series may not satisfy the requirements for a new project, especially for planing sailboats. The design tool described here provides a quick estimate of a proposed design’s performance. The tool is based on data from fourteen hulls created from a parametric model developed by fitting section curves to a recent IMOCA 60 hull, and applying a fair surface to these sections. Each hull’s performance was estimated at Froude numbers ranging from 0.31 to 1.16 (8 to 30 knots for the IMOCA 60) using a CFD analysis. The results were summarised in a regression model that provides estimates of the drag, vertical force, and trimming moment, for any hull within a validity range defined by the systematic series. The model runs on a small laptop computer. The method was validated using towing tank tests of the original hull, and by analysing the performance of a 4.2-metre dinghy designed using the regression model. Details of the regression model are published in reference [1]. 


Transactions RINA, Vol 155, Part B2, International Journal of Small Craft Technology, Jul-Dec 2013 

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