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IJME 272

Paper title: Study on Propulsive Performance of Two Geometrically Similar Podded Propulsors



M Islam, Oceanic Consulting Corporation, Canada, A Akinturk, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
B Veitch, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, Pengfei Liu, Ocean Coastal and River Engineering (OCRE), National Research Council, Canada


This paper presents the outcome of a research to evaluate the effect of size on the propulsive performance of podded propulsors in cavitating and non-cavitating open water conditions. Two cases are examined, namely: propeller-only case and pod-unit case. In the propeller-only case, a commercial propeller dynamometer is used to measure the thrust and torque of two propellers of different size at the four quadrants of propellers with varied shaft and flow speeds. Also, both propellers are tested at different tunnel pressure to study and compare the behaviour under similar cavitation conditions. In the pod-unit case, two geometrically similar but different sized pod-units are tested using two separate custom-made pod dynamometer systems in two towing tank facilities in straight-ahead and static azimuthing conditions. The study showed that the performance characteristics stabilize at lower Reynolds Number for the smaller propeller than the larger propeller. The propulsive performance of the two propellers was comparable in the four-quadrant experiments. Also, the experiments at the cavitating conditions showed that the cavitation characteristics of the two propellers were consistent at corresponding operating conditions. The experiment results of the two pod-units were also comparable for forces and moments in the three coordinate directions in the straight-ahead and static azimuthing conditions. A brief discussion on the uncertainty assessments for each of the measurements is also presented


Transactions RINA, Vol 155, Part A4, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Oct-Dec 2013 

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