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Paper title: The Use of a Fuzzy Logic Set-Based Design Tool to Evaluate Varying Complexities of Late-Stage Design Changes



T A McKenney, A W Gray, C Madrid, and D J Singer, University of Michigan, USA 


Advanced design methods, such as set-based design (SBD), can provide a structured approach to evaluating the design space in order to make accurate and informed decisions towards reaching a globally optimal design.  The set-based communications required to appropriately implement SBD are counter-intuitive to the point-based communications of a typical design process.  The use of a hybrid agent fuzzy logic design tool can help to facilitate the SBD process by ensuring the use of set-based communication of design variables.  The design tool uses automation of certain aspects such as data collection and analysis while still allowing for input from human designers.  One important advantage of using SBD is the ability to delay decisions until later in the design process when more information is known.  This paper focuses on the robustness of the SBD process and its ability to handle late-stage design changes of varying complexity.  Multiple SBD experiments instituting design changes of varying magnitude late in the design process were conducted using a hybrid agent fuzzy logic SBD tool.  A simplified planing craft design was utilized for the experiments.  Conclusions regarding the robustness of the SBD process under late-stage design changes were determined and outlined using information gathered by the SBD tool


Transactions RINA, Vol 154, Part A4, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Oct-Dec 2012 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2012.a4.241

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