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IJME 211

Paper Title: Determination of Wave Slamming Loads on High-Speed Catamarans by Hydroelastic Segmented Model Experiments



J Lavroff, M R Davis, D S Holloway and G Thomas, University of Tasmania, Australia.


A 2.5m hydroelastic segmented catamaran model has been developed based on the 112m INCAT wave-piercer catamaran to simulate the vibration response during the measurement of dynamic slam loads in head seas. Towing tank tests were performed in regular seas to measure the dynamic slam loads acting on the centre bow and vertical bending moments acting in the demihulls of the catamaran model as a function of wave frequency and wave height to establish the operational loads acting on the full-scale 112m INCAT catamaran vessel. Peak slam forces measured on the bow of the model are found to approach the weight of the model, this being similar to the findings of full-scale vessel trials. A review of the motions of the hydroelastic segmented catamaran model found that the heave and pitch motions give a good indication of slamming severity in terms of the dimensionless heave and pitch accelerations. The dynamic wave slam forces are closely related to the relative motion between the bow and the incident wave profile


Transactions RINA, Vol 153, Part A3, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Jul-Sep 2011

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2011.a3.211

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