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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2014

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 156


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IJME Part A1 2014

IJME 269: CFD Prediction of the Trajectory of Hot Exhaust From the Funnel of a Naval Ship in the Presence of Ship Superstructure

IJME 274: Slam Characteristics of a High-Speed Wave Piercing Catamaran in Regular  Waves

IJME 276: Concept Design for a Suezmax Tanker Powered by a 70MW Small  Modular Reactor

IJME 277: Hazard Identification and Probabalistic Scenario Selection for Ship-Collision Accidents

IJME 278: A Rapid Method for Reliability Analysis of Composite Tophat Stiffened  Structures Using a First Principles Method and Design Rules

IJME 271tn: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Effect of a Pier on Ship  Trajectories in Currents


IJME Part A2 2014

IJME 280: Asymmetrical Water Impact of Two-Dimensional Wedges With Roll Angle With Multi-Material Eulerian Formulation

IJME 283: Effect of Watertight Subdivision on Damage Stability of Ro-Ro Ferries

IJME 284: Survivability of Ships At Sea: A Proposed Model to Account For Human Factors in a Safety-Critical System

IJME 285: Multiparametric Diagnostics of Gas Turbine Engines

IJME 288: Quantitive Risk Assessment for Collisions Involving Double Hull Oil Tankers

IJME 289: Reducing Ship Emissions: A Review of Potential Practical Improvements in the Propulsive Efficiency of Future Ships


IJME Part A3 2014

IJME 248: Stepping Response During Constrained and Unconstrained Standing in Moving Environments

IJME 286: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of NOx Reduction by Ammonia Injection in the MAN B&W 7S50MC Marine Engine

IJME 293: Strength of Ships’ Grillages Under Lateral Load and In-Plane Compression

IJME 295: A Simple Approach to the Study of Wave Patterns

IJME 299: A Content Analysis of Human Factors in Ships Design

IJME 301: Numerical and Experimental Study on Plate Forming Using the Technique of Line Heating

IJME 302: Manufacturing Aspects of Offshore Fabrication and Installation


IJME Part A4 2014

IJME 291: A Locked-Position Monitor for Improving Safety of Release Hooks in Enclosed Lifeboats

IJME 294: Photogrammertry Measurements of Initial Imperfections for the Ultimate Strength Assessment of Plates

IJME 304: Numerical Prediction of Slamming Loads During Water Entry of Bow-Flared Sections

IJME 305: Superior Seaworthiness of a Resonance-Free Fast Oceangoing SWATH

IJME 307: A Comprehensive Approach to Survivability Assessment in Naval Ship Concept Design

IJME 309: A Numerical Simulation Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Motions of a Ship Advancing in Waves

IJME 310: Correction of Prediction Model Output-Application to General Corrosion Model




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