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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2011

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 153


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IJME Part A1 2011

IJME 184: SOLAS 2009 Stability Requirements: Implementation

IJME 199: Shaft Loads on Azimuth Propulsors in Oblique Flow and

IJME 202: Marine Requirements Elucidation and the Nature of Preliminary Ship Design

IJME 200tn: Offshore and Coastal Floating Hotels: Flotels



IJME Part A2 2011 (William Froude commemorative issue)

IJME WF1: Froude’s Law of Similitude ­ Contemporary and Future Seakeeping Testing

IJME WF2: Non Linear Analysis of Ship Motions and Loads in Large Amplitude Waves

IJME WF3: Numerical Solutions of 2D and 3D Slamming Problems

IJME WF4: Study of Froude and Hughes Methods by Numerical Towing Tank

IJME WF5: Ship Operability Predicted from Long Term Directional Wave

IJME WF6: Numerical modelling and assessment of the UGEN floating Wave Energy Converter

IJME WF7: On the Roll Damping of an FPSO With Riser Balcony and Bilge Keels

IJME WF8: The Influence of Forward Speed and Nonlinearities on the Dynamic Behaviour of a Container Ship in Regular Waves

IJME WF9tn: A Study on Viscous Roll Damping of a Box-Shaped Vessel in the Frequency Domain Using the Discrete Vortex Method


IJME Part A3 2011

IJME 201: Subcritical Wave Wake Unsteadiness

IJME 206: Comparison of Land-Based Test Set-ups for a Ballast Water Management System

IJME 211: Determination of Wave Slamming Loads on High-Speed Catamarans by Hydroelastic Segmented Model Experiments

IJME 205tn: Static Stability of Aerodynamically Supported Platforms Moving Above Water


IJME Part A4 2011

IJME 213: Opportunities for Improved Efficiency and Reduced CO2 Emissions in Dry Bulk Shipping Stemming from the Relaxation of thePanamax Beam Constraint

IJME 214: Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Welded Joints of Very Fast Ferry Accounting for Vehicle Loads

IJME 216: Coatings and Permanent Means of Access ­ The Anti-Corrosion Challenges

IJME 217: Effect of Double Bottom Height on the Structural Behaviour of Bulk Carriers

IJME 222: Propeller Cavitation and Induced Vibration


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