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CDWE – a joint venture formed between Taiwanese shipbuilder CSBC Corporation and Belgian offshore operator DEME – has taken the final investment decision (FID) on the construction of what’s reportedly Taiwan’s first domestically built DP3-enabled heavy-lift/wind turbine installation vessel. The forthcoming Green Jade will be built by CSBC Corporation, and will feature: a length of 216.5m; accommodation for up to 160 persons; and dual-fuel engines.


Huisman will supply her main crane with a lifting capacity of 4,000 metric tonnes at 125m above deck. The manufacturer adds: “The crane is prepared for a super fly jib with significant lifting capacity, and a whip hoist which allows lifting of smaller components up to 185m above deck.” Huisman will also supply Green Jade's knuckle boom crane, rated 65 metric tonnes, for general lifting purposes.


Green Jade will transport various cargoes – including monopiles, jackets and wind turbine components/structures – to new offshore wind farm development sites in Taiwan, initially focusing on the Hai Long and ZhongNeng turbine arrays. According to CDWE chairman Robert Tseng: “Green Jade will be capable of installing mega monopiles and jacket structures at greater water depths; with DP3 technology, this special offshore installation vessel can continue operations under the most challenging conditions.” The heavy-lifter is due for delivery in 2022 and will be classed by ABS.