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Drive-by-wire duo

Ship & Boat International eNews: September/October 2020



Suzuki has incorporated its drive-by-wire (DbW) technology into a pair of new, smaller outboard types, the DF115BG and DF140BG (the latter pictured, right).


Rated 115hp and 140hp (86kW and 104kW) respectively, these four-stroke engines are reportedly the first in their class to have become DbW-capable. Typically, Suzuki has offered DbW technology with its larger horsepower models, which span the 150-350hp (112-261kW) band.


Suzuki says: "An upgraded commission ratio of 10.6:1 helps these new 2litre-displacement outboards achieve better top speed and acceleration by improving thermal efficiency. DbW adds the advantage of less friction and resistance compared to the mechanical types that use control cables." The new units are also expected to offer improved fuel efficiency compared to previous models; for instance, the group says, the DF140BG offers 5-7% superior fuel efficiency, across mid-range to high-end cruising speeds, to the existing DF140A outboard.


Both new engines are fitted with a 40A alternator, which, Suzuki says, will lead to improve battery-charging performance, especially for boats typically engaged in low idle speeds. Shaft lengths of 508mm and 635mm are available. The units were also designed with a new air intake structure, featuring a silencer-resonator system for a quieter experience.


Users can also replace the oil filter by removing the upper engine cover. "A new oil spill catcher surrounding the oil filter mount allows for changing the filter without making a mess," Suzuki adds. A water detection fuel filter is intended to safeguard the engine against contaminated fuel. Both new outboards will be made commercially available from the end of the year.