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Brookes Bell May 2020 v2

UZMAR 2020

Man Enersgy April

Council of the Institution


Professor Richard Birmingham PhD BEng CEng FRINA MSNAME

Past Presidents

1984 -1987   Professor John B Caldwell OBE PhD DSc FRINA FREng
1993 -1996   Dr Peter J Usher CBE DSc RCNC FRINA FREng
1996 -1999   Sir John Parker FRINA FREng
2002 - 2004   Professor W Geraint Price FRINA FREng FRS

2004 - 2007   Dr Nigel Gee DEng BSc FRINA FREng
2007 - 2010   Stephen Payne OBE DSc(Hon) BEng  FRINA FREng
2010 - 2014   Peter French FRINA FREng FRSA
2014 - 2016   Bruce S. Rosenblatt FRINA

2016 - 2018   Tom Boardley FRINA

Honorary Vice Presidents

Date elected

2004   E C Tupper FRINA

Vice Presidents

Date elected

2017   A Marsh

2018   T Allan

2019   D Aldwinckle

2019   C De Marco         

Date elected

2019 D Molyneux

2019 I K A P Utama

2019 J K Paik

2019 P Krishnankutty

Date Elected

                   2019 A Subahani


Date elected

2017   P B L Coley
2017   R Cripps  
2017   C L Savage  

2017   D Vassalos

2017   C P S Hunter

Date elected

2017   P G Wrobel  
2017   R A Shenoi       

2018   B Y W Lau

2018   J Frier

2018   A Dev

Date elected

2018  D N Monioudis   

2018  M d'Amico

2019  R Gehling

2019  H Karanassos






Date elected

2017   P Crossland  
2017   I D Grant   
2017   J Whitlam

Date elected

2018   Y Sarac-Williams

2019   R Blazejczyk

2019   D Viner





Date elected




Date elected

2017  L Santini

Date elected

2018  M H Ghaemi


President of the Australian Division

Date elected

2020 G MacDonald FRINA +

President of the New Zealand Division

Date elected

2018   C Stimson FRINA +

Chairmen of Standing Committees

N Overfield (Publications Committee) +
R Cripps (Maritime Innovation Committee)
F H Spencer (Disciplinary Committee) +
T Strang (Maritime Environment Committee) +

E Pang (IMO Committee) +
A Bain (Maritime Safety Committee) +
Y Sarac-Williams (Membership Committee)
N Atkins (Professional Affairs Committee) +

Chief Executive

T Blakeley

+ Ex officio members

Council Forum (Council members only)