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Council of the Institution


Ing Maurizio d'Amico FRINA

Past Presidents

1984 -1987   Professor John B Caldwell OBE PhD DSc FRINA FREng
1993 -1996   Dr Peter J Usher CBE DSc RCNC FRINA FREng
1996 -1999   Sir John Parker FRINA FREng
2002 - 2004   Professor W Geraint Price FRINA FREng FRS

2004 - 2007   Dr Nigel Gee DEng BSc FRINA FREng

2007 - 2010   Stephen Payne OBE DSc(Hon) BEng  FRINA FREng

2010 - 2014   Peter French FRINA FREng FRSA
2014 - 2016   Bruce S. Rosenblatt FRINA

2016 - 2018   Tom Boardley FRINA

2018 - 2020   Professor Richard Birmingham PhD BEng CEng FRINA MSNAME

Honorary Vice Presidents

Date elected

2004   E C Tupper FRINA (UK)

Vice Presidents

Date elected

2018   T Allan (UK)

2018   A K Dev (Asia)

2019   C De Marco (Europe)   
2019   R Gehling (Pacific)  

Date elected

2019 D Molyneux (Americas)

2019 I K A P Utama (Asia)

2019 P Krishnankutty (Asia)

Date Elected

2019 A Subahani (Africa & ME)

2019 J K Paik (UK)

2019 D Aldwinckle (UK)


Date elected

2020 R P Fernandez (Europe)

2020 K W Hutchinson (UK)

2020 G S Chopra (Asia)

2020 S Inayatullah (Asia)

2020 D Konovessis (Asia)


Date elected   

2020 R Cripps (UK)

2020 C L Savage (UK)

2020 D Vassalos (UK)

2020 R Downs (UK)

2020 P A Wilson (UK)


Date elected

2021  D N Monioudis (UK)
2021  J Frier (UK)
2021  B Y W Lau (Asia)

2021  P Kujala (Europe)

2021  J Black (Pacific)





Date elected

2019   D Viner (UK)

2019   R Blazejczyk (UK)

2020   P Crossland (UK)

2020   H Theunissen (Africa & ME)


Date elected

2020 N MacLennan (UK)

2020 C Silitziotis (Europe)

2020 A J Aitken (UK)
2020 L Santini (Americas)






Date elected

2021  M H Ghaemi (Europe)

2021  O S Ologe (Europe)

Date elected

2021 S De Villiers (ME & Africa)

2021 R Miller (UK)

Date elected

2021 A Kumar (Asia)
2021 Y R Kamath (Asia)

President of the Australian Division

Date elected

2020 G MacDonald FRINA +

President of the New Zealand Division

Date elected

2018   C Stimson FRINA +

Chairmen of Standing Committees

N Overfield (Publications Committee) +
R Cripps (Maritime Innovation Committee)
F H Spencer (Disciplinary Committee) +
T Strang (Maritime Environment Committee) +

E Pang (IMO Committee) +
A Bain (Maritime Safety Committee) +
C Savage (Membership Committee)
A Bunney (Professional Affairs Committee) +

Chief Executive

C Boyd

+ Ex officio members

Council Forum (Council members only)