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Basic Dry Dock Training

13- 16 May 2014, London, UK 
This course will be taking place in 2015. Click here for more information.

DM Consulting's Basic Dry Dock Training is a 4-day course that covers the fundamentals and calculations of dry docking.

The course begins with the basics and safety concerns, and progresses through all phases of dry docking: preparation, docking, lay period, and undocking. The course ends with a discussion of Accidents and Incidents.

It's designed to be relevant to Dock Masters, Docking Officers, Engineers, Naval Architects, Port Engineers and others involved in the dry docking of ships and vessels. The course is presented through classroom lectures, student participation in projects and practical application exercises. The course addresses the deck plate level of practical operation needed by the dock operator and the universally accepted mathematical calculations required to carry out operations in accordance with established sound engineering practices.

"The course was excellent, straight forward and comprehensive. Instruction was great, expected "death-by-power point" but was pleasantly surprised. I am better acquainted w/drydock basic after the course and can trust the accuracy of the training based on the extensive experience of the instructors. Thank you! Very informative, very thorough."


"Fantastic. Really good course. Personally, I got a lot out of the course and will certainly recommend it to my work colleagues."

"Very informative. Subject matter which was dry, was taught without being boring. Class was great, learned a lot! Thank you."

Please click here to view further comments for previous participants.

About the Course Leader

Joe Stiglich is a retired Naval Officer, qualified NAVSEA Docking Officer and holds a Masters Degree from MIT in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Responsible for over 250 safe docking and undocking operations. He currently runs a series of conference and training courses for personnel involved in all phases of the drydocking industry and acts as a consultant for ship repair companies.

Course Overview

Topics to be covered include:

  • Basic dry docking community terminology
  • Calculations
  • Safe dry docking procedures
  • Lay period
  • Undocking evolutions
  • Docking Plans
  • Docking and undocking conferences
  • Hull boards
  • Vessel stability
  • Incidents/accidents

Day 1 2014

  • Registration & Coffee:                       08.00-08.30
  • Course Session 1:                             08.30-10.30
  • Morning: Coffee:                                 10.30-10.50
  • Course: Session 2:                            10.50-13.00
  • Lunch:                                                   13.00-13.30
  • Course Session 3:                             13.30-15.30
  • Afternoon Refreshments                   15.30-15.50
  • Course Session 4:                             15.50-17.00

Day 2 2014

  • Coffee:                                                  08.00-08.30
  • Course Session 5:                             08.30-10.30
  • Morning Coffee:                                  10.30-10.50
  • Course Session 6:                            10.50-13.00
  • Lunch:                                                   13.00-13.30
  • Course Session 7:                             13.30-15.30
  • Afternoon Refreshments:                  15.30-15.50
  • Course Session 8:                             15.50-17.00

Day 3 2014

  • Coffee:                                                  08.00-08.30
  • Course Session 9:                             08.30-10.30
  • Morning Coffee:                                  10.30-10.50
  • Course Session 10:                          10.50-13.00
  • Lunch:                                                   13.00-13.30
  • Course Session 11:                           13.30-15.30
  • Afternoon Refreshments:                  15.30-15.50
  • Course Session 12:                           15.50-17.00

Day 4 2014

  • Coffee:                                                  08.00-08.30
  • Course Session 13:                           08.30-10.30
  • Morning Coffee:                                   10.30-10.50
  • Course Session 14:                           10.50-13.00
  • Lunch:                                                   13.00-13.30
  • Course Session 15:                           13.30-15.30
  • Afternoon Refreshments:                  15.30-15.50
  • Course Session 16:                           15.50-17.00


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