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MarintechChina Until June 2022

Hybrid Expo

SMM May_June 2022


International Registries May 2022

Air Products May 2022

Advertisement sizes and requirements


Front cover

Please ask for separate supply details

Double page spread

Trim size: 297mm x 420mm (Height x Width)

Bleed size: 303mm x 426mm

Type area size: 287mm x 410mm

Full page

Trim size: 297mm x 210mm (Height x Width)

Bleed size: 303mm x 216mm

Type area size: 287mm x 200mm

Half page horizontal

Type area size: 132mm x 175mm (Height x Width)

Bleed size: 154mm x 216mm (Includes 3mm bleed on all edges)

Half page vertical

Type area size: 269mm x 85mm (Height x Width)

Bleed size: 303mm x 98mm (Includes 3mm bleed on all edges)

Third page horizontal

Type area: 85mm x 175mm (Height x Width)

Third page vertical

Type area size: 269mm x 55mm (Height x Width)

Bleed size: 303mm x 71mm (Includes 3mm bleed on all edges)

Quarter page horizontal

Type are size: 65mm x 175mm (Height x Width)

Quarter page vertical

Type area size : 132mm x 85mm (Height x Width)

Junior/Island page

Type area size: 175mm x 115mm (Height x Width)

Any text or logos must be within the type area size on bleed adverts, otherwise they may be trimmed off at the printing stage.

PDF file requirements

All advertisements should be supplied as a hi res PDFX1A (1.3) version and follow these guidelines.

  • Files must contain crop/trim marks and they must be set to the trim box size (trim size of the magazine), unless supplying a type area advert.
  • All files should contain Images/logos saved at 300dpi, if images are supplied at a lower resolution, then we cannot guarantee the quality of the reproduction.
  • All fonts must be embedded and all embedded fonts must be subsetted. (No true type fonts).
  • Files must be CMYK only. No spot colour or pantone colours should be used.
  • Black text should not be set in 4 colour but as black only.
  • Text should not be less than 8pt.
  • A PDF file shall not contain white text set to overprint.
  • PDF files shall not use layers.
  • The number of pages in a PDF file shall be exactly one.
  • Total Area Coverage (TAC) of elements on a page should not exceed 300%.
  • The colour profile should be applied as (ISO_coated_v2_300% (FOGRA 39L).

If you would like to download this colour profile, this can be downloaded from here

Advertising material (less than 15MB) can be sent via e-mail to

Contact John Morecraft if you have any questions about the supply of your artwork.