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Warship 2017: Naval Submarines and UUVs conference papers

14-15 June 2017, Bath, UK

Sponsored by:BMT



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ISBN: 978-1-909024-66-3

Conference 2017 Papers

The Warship 2017: Naval Submarines and UUVs International Conference papers are available in either printed or CD-ROM format. The CD-ROM version also contains the speakers Powerpoint presentation. 

  • Set-Based Requirements, Technology, and Design Development for SSNX by M C Parker, M D Garner, J T Arcano and N Doerry, Naval Sea Systems Command, USA
  • Managing Early Stage Design Uncertainty and Establishing Policy for a Low Risk Design by S Daley, R Dvorak, M Parker, NAVSEA, USA
  • Submarine Design is Not Ship Design by D Andrews, University College London, London, UK
  • Human Factors Issues for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles by C Soper QinetiQ, UK
  • Development of an AUV Launch and Recovery System for the Portuguese Manned Submarines via Torpedo Tubes by H Vieira da Silva, Naval Academy, Department of Sciences and Technology, Portugal, M Cavique, UNIDEMI_CINAV & Naval Academy, Department of Sciences and Technology, Portugal and J Borges de Sousa, University of Porto & LSTS, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Portugal
  • Method for the Simulation of the Swim Out of a Weapon from a Launching Tube by F Pécot DCNS Research / Sirehna, France T Taillefet, DCNS Ruelle, France
  • The Operational Benefits of Covertly Refuelling a Conventional Submarine whilst at Sea by S Harrison, H Diab, K Slater, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia M Renilson, University of Tasmania, Australia
  • I Didn't See that Coming: The Perils of Underwater Automation by M Cook, M Thody and D Garrett, BAE systems Maritime Submarines, UK
  • Lloyd’s Register Code for Unmanned Marine Systems by M Palmer, Lloyds Register EMEA, Marine & Offshore, UK
  • Past, Present and Future in Submarine Manoeuvring Control by D Ritchie, A Cowley BAE Systems, UK and S Russell, MOD, UK
  • The Dynamic Stability of Submarines on the Surface by P Crossland, C K Pope, QinetiQ Ltd, UK and S Machin, Naval Authority Group, Submarine Delivery Agency, UK
  • Efficient Modelling of the Structural Response of Submarine Pressure Hulls to Underwater Explosions by D Graham, J Hobson, P Murphy, C Toole, S Cross and J Farnworth, QinetiQ Rosyth, UK
  • Alternatives to Domes as Pressure Hull End Closures by K J Heaney, H J Hickson, P E Buckton, J M Underwood, BMT Defence Services, UK, B Blum, P Gough, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Performance Verification of the Air-Conditioning System in a Submarine by J D. Wilgenhof, MecDes, The Netherlands J Molina Toledo, Navantia, Spain
  • Assessment of Flow Generated Noise on Naval Platforms by C Carter and G Hawkes, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd, UK C Smethurst, BAE Systems Maritime Ltd, UK
  • On the Added Resistance of Underwater Vehicles in Close Proximity to Regular Waves by S Daum and M Greve, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Kiel, Germany and R Skejic, SINTEF Ocean & NTNU, Faculty of Engineering, Trondheim, Norway
  • Probabilistic Submarine Flood Recovery Analysis by N R Horn, Royal Navy / UCL, UK
  • Tempis Fugit: But where does it go in time-limited safety-critical tasks by M Cook, BAE SYSTEMS Maritime Submarines, UK
  • Adapting Smart + Connected Solutions for Shipboard Use by J Beel and K Jones, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
  • The Effect of Speed and Geometry on the Characteristics of the Plume Generated by Submarine Masts by A S T Conway, D Ranmuthugala, M R Renilson and J R Binns, Australian Maritime College, Australia
  • Cybersecurity Automation: Securely Delivering Smart Technologies and Operations by K Jones and J Beel, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
  • Graphic Method for Improved Indonesian Navy Submarine Design Acquisition; The Investigation of Small (Midget) Naval Submarine Development by M H Mukti and R E Randall, Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Parasite Drag on Substructures of Submerged Bodies by T Nietzschmann, Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt Potsdam (SVA), Germany
  • The Effect of Aft-Control-Surface Deflection at Angles of Incidence for the BB2 Generic Submarine by D A Pook, RMIT University/Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia, G J Seil, Advanced VTOL Technologies/Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia M R Renilson, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia, D Ranmuthugala, Australian Maritime College/Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia M Nguyen, Advanced VTOL Technologies/Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
  • On Mathematical Modelling of Main Ballast Tank System of a Sub-Surface Platform by Z Riaz, M A Waqas, W Ahmed, H Khalid, A R Hashmi, Centres of Excellence in Science & Applied Technologies (CESAT), Pakistan, P G Wrobel, University College London, UK
  • Integrated Performance Modelling of Modern Conventional Submarines to Support Strategic Decision Making by K Slater, H Diab and S Harrison, Defence Science and Technology Group (Department of Defence), Australia

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