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Warship 2014: Naval Submarines & Unmanned Underwater Vehicles conference papers

18 - 19 June 2014, Bath, UKBMT


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ISBN: 978-1-909024-28-1

Conference 2014 Papers

The Warship 2014: Naval Submarines & Unmanned Underwater Vehicles conference papers International Conference papers are available in either printed or CD-ROM format. The CD-ROM version also contains the speakers Powerpoint presentation. 

  • In Search of the Best Design ­ A Systems Analysis Methodology for Submarine Design by M Nordin, Swedish Defence Research Agency and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • High Level Capability Analysis of Submarine Platforms by G Hepworth, QinetiQ, UK and K Slater, J Rodgers and S Harrison, DSTO, Australia
  • Future Submarine Programmes: Observations / Lessons by R Budell, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH, Germany
  • Sea Trials and Data Analysis of the Astute Class Submarine by L Tickle, J Bamford, D Hooper, N Philip and G Pinder, BAE Systems Maritime - Submarines, UK
  • VIDAR®-7 ­ The Small SSK for The 21st Century by T Gibbs, BMT Defence Services Ltd, UK
  • Learning from Experience ­ The Value of Implementing a Whole-Of-Life IKM Strategy in Warship Procurement by N F Newling, LSC Group, UK
  • Adaptability in Principle, in Design and in Practice -Applicability of this Characteristic to the Modern Naval Submarine by N R Whybrow, BSc, CEng, FIMechE, FRINA, Babcock Integrated Technology Ltd., BRISTOL, UK
  • Computer Simulated Trends in Designing a Future Unmanned Underwater Vehicle ‘Motherhsip’ Submarine by I M Purton and D J Andrews, University College London, Marine Research Group, UK
  • Towards a UUV Launch and Recovery System on a Slowly Moving Submarine by R A Irani, D Kehoe and W W Spencer, Rolls-Royce Canada Limited, G D Watt, Defence Research and Development Canada ­ Atlantic (DRDC), Canada and, C Gillis,  J A Carretero, and R Dubay, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada
  • Scaling and Relative Size Effects on the Hydrodynamic Interaction on an UUV Operating Close to a Submarine by Z Q Leong, D Ranmuthugala, I Penesis and H Nguyen, Australian Maritime College, Australia
  • DCNS Updates its Hydrodynamic Design Process for Submarines by P M Guillouet, DCNS, France
  • J Raymond, DCNS-Research / SIREHNA, France
  • Bow Shape Design for Increased Surface Performance of an SSK Submarine by B Overpelt, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, Netherlands and B Nienhuis, Defence Materiel Organisation, Netherlands
  • Validating Design Methods for Sizing Submarine Tailfins by M C Bettle, Defence Research and Development Canada ­ Atlantic (DRDC), Canada
  • Prediction of the Hydroplane Angles Required Due to High Speed Submarine Operations Near the Surface by M R Renilson, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE, and Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia, C Polis, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia, D Ranmuthugala, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia and J Duffy, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Full Authority Submarine Control Using a Model Predictive Control Algorithm by N Thomas and J Green, Stirling Dynamics, UK
  • Battery Charging Technologies for Modern Submarine Requirements by Arndt von Drathen, Diplomingenieur MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Germany
  • Validation of Submarine Blow Algorithms for Flood Recovery by P Marchant, N Thompson and D Cosserat, QinetiQ, UK
  • The Current State of Rim Drive Technology And its Application to Submarine Propulsion by L Collins, P Wrobel, University College London, UK
  • Advanced Numerical Modelling Techniques Applied to Submarine Structures Research and Development, Design, Build, and Refit and Repair by D Graham, P Murphy, J Hobson, S Cross, C Toole and J Farnworth, QinetiQ Rosyth, UK
  • Enabling an Optimised High Strength Steel Pressure Hull Build Strategy by the Use of Under-Matched Welds by S J Brooke, Jacobs UK Ltd, UK and J Moyse, MOD, UK
  • Design Prototypes and Test Platforms for Submarine Technology Induction: Review and Way Ahead by A Ray, Indian Navy, India
  • SRMII - A Reconfigurable Free Running Model Capability for Submarines with Large L/D Ratios by P Crossland, R C Nokes, S Dunningham, P Marchant, N Kimber, QinetiQ Ltd, UK

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