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Sea Technology Group

The Sea Technology Group is a support group located in the DPA, but with a mission to provide whole ship and submarine safety and technical services to a much wider range of customers within the MoD -- IPTs in both the DPA and the DLO (Warship Support Agency), CinC Fleet, the DEC and also the naval construction industry of the UK.

These services serve the entire life cycle from concept through procurement and operation to disposal, and can be classified in 4 broad areas:

  • Safety Assurance on behalf of the MoD Ship Safety Board
  • Technical Advice
  • Management of Naval Technical Standards and Guidance
  • Development of Technology and Modelling Techniques

In providing these services STG is supported in turn by its contractual and informal links with engineering consulting companies, DSTL, QinetiQ, classification societies, maritime regulatory bodies, the universities and many international contacts with the naval procurement organisations of friendly nations.

Address:     Defence Procurement Agency
                  MOD Abbey Wood
                  BS34 8JH

Tel:            +44 (0)117 913 5036

Fax:           +44 (0)117 913 5943


Contact:     John van Griethuysen



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