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Conference Proceedings

The peer reviewed technical papers presented at RINA conferences are published as Conference Proceedings, giving access to a broad range of experience and opinion on research, development and operation in fields ranging from small craft to larger sea-going vessels and offshore structures.

Conference Proceedings are published in printed format and on CD-ROM,  containing both the formal written conference papers and the presenters' Powerpoint presentation. (Please note that the CD-ROMs may take up to 12 weeks to become available after a conference has taken place)

2016 Conferences

Human Factors 

28-29 September, London, UK

The work of naval architects and marine engineers directly influence the operability and safety of the vessel and the seafarer. Decisions made at the design stage can influence human behaviour and health. And an improved understanding of ergonomics by engineers can ‘design out’ hazards and prevent incidents, both to the individual and the vessel. With ever more complex systems and technology, greater improvements in safety can be achieved through a better understanding of human/system dynamics.

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Education & Professional Development of Engineers in the Maritime Industry 

20-21 September, Singapore

In recent years higher education has seen a growth in the collaborations between institutions to deliver educational and training programmes. The relationships are variously called alliances, consortia, clusters or partnerships. Some such links are between industry and academia, or between organisations that are near neighbours, both partners gaining strength from the complimentary nature of their individual activities.

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Warship 2016 - Advanced Technologies in Naval Design,Construction, & Operation 

15-16 June, Bath, UK

Modern warships are extremely complex and technologically advanced engineering systems. In the period from the initial concept to the final construction, the number of different strategic environments in which the vessel needs to operate may not yet be fully defined. The challenge is to deliver a design that can meet the need for increased flexibility, within a framework of stricter budget requirements, and environmental constraints.

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Design & Operation of Ferries & Ro-Pax Vessels

25-26 May 2016, London, UK

The last 10 years have seen a steady continued growth in the passenger ferry and Ro-Pax market, with particularly strong growth in passenger numbers. Despite the recent freight market downturn there is political pressure, particularly in Europe, to move more road traffic to intermodal maritime based logistics chain the so called “motorways of the sea” but these vessels are often still competing with fixed links (tunnels & bridges) and the budget airlines.

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Innovations in Small Craft Technology

13-14 April 2016, London

Few sectors of the maritime industry have seen greater innovation in design than the small craft sector. Both commercial and recreational small craft have benefited from the inspirational ideas of designers - ideas which although perhaps considered revolutionary at the time, have had a longstanding impact on the design of small craft today. This conference aims to review the new and innovative technologies available to the small craft designer and builder.

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Wind Farm Support Vessels

30-31 March 2016, London

Offshore wind farm support vessels have been one of the most dynamic maritime construction and operational sectors over the last 10 years. There are now believed to be about 400 vessels operating in the European market. Supply and service vessels are increasingly in demand as offshore windfarms continue to expand with new sites being developed in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Building on the success of previous two conferences, RINA returns to the subject to investigate the impact of new standards, new regulations, and new developments made within the industry.

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Maritime Project Management 2016

24 February 2016, London

Marine vessels and structures are generally large technically complex, costly and traditionally low production volume items. A successful project requires the effective management of many different stakeholders; designers, fabricators, equipment manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Such projects are increasingly involving the management of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in different locations around the world. This conference aims to highlight the key elements in successful maritime project management,  and to identify best practice and share experience that will help to deliver a benefit to the industry.

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