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Maritime Groups

Maritime Groups provide the opportunity for members to seek information, inform and discuss technical matters though the online Forums.  Maritime Groups cover special interests such as vessel types and sector activities. Each of the Institution's Technical Committees has an associated Maritime Group by which members are kept up to date with the Committee's activities, and can propose issues to be considered by the Committee. 

Maritime Group Forums

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Maritime Safety GroupMaritime Environment Group | IMO Group   
Maritime Innovation Group Small Craft Group | High Speed Vessels Group

Maritime Safety Group


Design, construction and operating matters related to the safety of marine vessels and structures.

More about the Maritime Safety Group

Maritime Environment Group


Matters concerning the protection of the maritime environmental and marine renewable energy

More about the Maritime Environment Group

Maritime Innovation Group


The impact on the maritime industry, the profession and the Institution of  the development and use of innovative technologies.

More about the Maritime Innovation Committee

IMO Group


Matters relating to the regulation of the design, construction and operation of marine vessels and the protection of the maritime environment  discussed at the IMO .

More about the IMO Group

Small Craft Group


Matters relating to the design, construction, survey and operation of commercial and recreational small craft.

More about the Small Craft Group

High Speed Vessels Group


Matters relating to the design, construction, survey and operation of high speed commercial vessels.

More about the High Speed Vessels Group

Members who wish to propose the formation of further Maritime Groups covering other specialist interests should contact the Chief Executive at

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