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Marine Design 2011 Papers

14 - 15 September 2011, Coventry, UKICMD boat

The RINA International Conference of Marine Design  will provide a forum for reporting and discussing the design practice and technical issues associated with aesthetic design. The full spectrum of marine design from small craft to superyachts, including commercial and specialist vessels, will be examined.. The following papers were presented at the conference; 


European Boat Design Innovation Platform ­Learning from the Automotive Industry, by R Ziarati, TUDEV Institute of Maritime Studies and A Sayakci, Evadne, Turkey

Design ­ Driven Innovation: A High Speed Coastal Cruiser for the Chinese Luxury Market, by S McCartan, Coventry University, UK, J Roy, BMT Nigel Gee Ltd, UK and R Starkel, Studio Starkel, Trieste, Italy

The Future Environmentally-Sensitive Warship (FESW) Concept, by K S A Gravil, Naval, MoD, UK

On Thin Ice ­ Hovercraft as an Alternative Logistics Platform for the Ice Roads of Northwest Canada, by S McCartan and T Kent, Coventry University, UK

The Subliminal Language of Automotive Design, by N Forsyth, Ladida SARL, France

Technology Transfer ­ Enhancing Marine Ergonomics with Automotive Digital Human Models, by T Dobbins, STResearch, UK, T Thompson, Coventry University, UK and C Schiffer, LADIDA, France

Eco ­ Design and Green Navigation I in France, by B Jaouen and Y Berrehouc, EcoNav, France

Boat Design with a Positive Impact, by C K Schiffer, LADIDA design, France

A Marine Designer's Guide to the Galaxy of Materials Used for the Construction of Accommodation Areas in Yachts: How to Make Both the Owner and the Regulators Happy, by M Lagoumidou, Lloyd's Register EMEA, UK

Human Centric Design for Utilitarian Craft, by T Dobbins, STResearch and J Hill, Trident Marine, UK

Inclusive Luxury: Making Motoryachts Accessible to all with Style, by S McCartan, Coventry University, UK and D McDonagh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

An Emotional Design Approach to Luxury in the Design of a 40ft Sailing Yacht, by S McCartan and L Moody, Coventry University, UK and D McDonagh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ,USA

Why is it Harder to Design a Beautiful Cruise Liner than it is to Design a Beautiful Work Boat?, by J. A. Sheridan, R. A. Shenoi, D. A. Hudson and A Neill, University of Southampton, UK

On Design ­ Space Exploration and Design Refinement by Numerical Simulation, by P Couser, Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd, Fremantle, Australia, S Harries, Friendship Systems GmbH, Potsdam, Germany and F Tillig, SSPA Sweden AB, Goteborg, Sweden

The Use of Supercomputing to Support Advanced Visualisation Technology in Superyacht Design, by J Tabor and, A Pedcenko DIAV Research Group, Coventry University, UK and T Thompson, EBDIG, Department of Industrial Design, Coventry University, UK

Practical Small Craft Design: Combining Art with Science, by A Nazarov, Albatross Marine Design, Thailand

Believing in Karma: The Meeting of Art and Science in the Development of the World's Fastest 30 Foot Canting Keel boat, by R G Shaw, Unitec NZ

Transfer of Innovation Opportunities and Challenges (Presentation only), by A Waddams, Manufacturing Manager, British Marine Federation, UK


ISBN No: 978-1-905040-88-9

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