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IJSCT Discussions

Comments and discussions on papers published in the International Journal of Small Craft Technology (IJSCT) may be forwarded using the online form below or by email to , with the IJME paper reference number as the Subject, and quoting your name and affiliation which will be printed with the comment. 

Comments, together with the author(s) response, will be published in the Discussion section of subsequent issues of the IJSCT. Comment may also be forwarded on papers published in the current issue of the IJME. Comments should not normally exceed 500 words and may contain two illustrations.

Comment and discussions are invited on the following recently published IJSCT papers.  If you are not a subscriber to the IJSCT and wish to comment on a paper, contact

IJSCT Part B2 2019

IJSCT 225: Maneuverability and Dynamics of Autonomous Underwater Gliders: Study and Review of the Spiral Path Maneuver

IJSCT 230: Project Management Methodology for Boat Designing: The Case of an As-Built Project of a 33-Foot Boat in a Brazilian Shipyard

IJSCT 231: Ranse Simulation of Stepped Planing Hull Hydrodynamic Performance in Calm Water and Waves

IJSCT 226tn: ISO-12215-5 (2018) and Fast Craft Operational Envelope Equations: A View from a Small Commercial Craft Design Office

IJSCT Part B2 2018

IJSCT 213: A Theoretical Method To Explore The Influence of Free Roll Motion On The Behavior of a High-Speed Planing Vessel Through a Steady Yawed Motion

IJSCT 214: Numerical Assessment of Self-Propulsion Factors For a Fast Displacement Hull Using Different Theoretical Approaches

IJSCT 219: Dynamic Equilibrium and Resistance Assessment For Warped Hulls By Means of Total Pressure Distribution

IJSCT 221: Study On The Utilisation Of Laminated Bamboo (Bambusa Arundinacea) Slats As An Alternative Composite Material For Building Small Fishing Boat Framing Structures

IJSCT 223: Experimental Investigation Into Modern Hydrofoils-Assisted Monohulls: How Hydrodynamically Efficient Are They?

IJSCT 224: The Heel-Sway-Yaw Coupling On a High Speed Craft In Calm Water

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