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Paper Title: Dynamic Equilibrium And Resistance Assessment For Warped Hulls By Means Of Total Pressure Distribution



S Pennino and A Scamardella, University of Naples “Parthenope”, Italy


A new method for the assessment of the resistance and dynamic trim, by the integration of the pressure distribution and the equilibrium equations, is presented. To evaluate the 3-dimensional hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure distribution acting on the bottom of a planing hull the Morabito’s empirical method (2010, 2014) is used. The implemented method enables the determination of the three-dimensional total pressure distribution, the evaluation of the lift, the buoyancy force and the centre of pressure, the assessment of the dynamic trim and resistance. The developed method has been applied for a non-monohedral hard chine hull form, with variable deadrise angles along the length, for a range of CV values (Froude number relative to the beam) ranging from 2.255 to 3.657. To assess the accuracy of the implemented method the obtained numerical results have been compared against experimental data. The model has been tested in the towing tank of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”.


Transactions RINA, Vol 160, Part B2, International Journal of Small Craft Technology, Jul-Dec 2018 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijsct.2018.b2.219

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