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Paper Title: A Formula Proposed for Estimating the Longitudinal Extent of Raking Damage to the Hull of a High-Speed Vessel



O. O. Kanifolskyi, Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine


The old and new requirements of the High Speed Craft Code, and the methods used by some researchers for calculating the damage length for a ship’s hull, are considered in this paper. Damage occurs more often in small vessels than in large vessels. Collisions between ships and ship grounding are two of the main reasons for the loss of ships. The damage to a vessel is determined for the worst case scenario. Long and narrow ("raking") damage, which absorbs the kinetic energy of the vessel, is the worst-case scenario. Small high speed craft were selected for analysis. This paper describes the requirements of the High Speed Craft Code related to high-speed vessels. Small semi-planing vessels are a category of high-speed vessels, operated at volume Froude numbers between 1 and 3. The formula for calculating the length of the possible hull damage should take into account  the material, the thickness of the plating, the width of the damage, the vessel's speed and its displacement. This paper proposes such a formula for the maximum possible length of the hull damage, which has been calculated using different methods. The formula is proposed for small high speed vessels, but it is possible to use the same formula for other types of ships.


Transactions RINA, Vol 157, Part B2, International Journal of Small Craft Technology, Jul-Dec 2015 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijsct.2015.b2.168

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