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Paper Title: Study of Gas Fuel Leakage And Explosion In The Engine Room of A Small LNG-Fueled Ship



Q G Zheng, Dalian Maritime University, China

W Q Wu, Dalian Maritime University, China

M Song, Dalian Maritime University, MSA, Ministry of Transport, China


The engine fuel piping in LNG-fuelled ships’ engine room presents potential gas explosion risks due to possible gas fuel leakage and dispersion. A 3D CFD model with chemical reaction was described, validated and then used to simulate the possible gas dispersion and the consequent explosions in an engine room with regulations commanded ventilations. The results show that, with the given minor leaking of a fuel pipe, no more than 1kg of methane would accumulate in the engine room. The flammable gas clouds only exit in limited region and could lead to explosions with an overpressure about 12 mbar, presenting no injury risk to personnel. With the given major leaking, large region in the engine room would be filled with flammable gas cloud within tens of seconds. The gas cloud might lead to an explosion pressure of about 1 bar or higher, which might result in serious casualties in the engine room.



Transactions RINA, Vol 161, Part A3, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Jul - Sep 2019 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2019.a3.541

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