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IJME 378

Paper title: Continuous Tuning of Ship Propulsion System by Means of Pneumatic Tuner of Torsional Oscillation



J Homišin, P Kaššay, M Puskar, R Grega, J Krajňák and M Urbanský, Department of Engineeering for Machine Design, Automotive and Transport, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia


Mechanical system drives consist of driving machines and gearing mechanisms interconnected by shafts and couplings. In terms of dynamics it is possible to say that every driving mechanism is able to oscillate. Especially piston devices can create excessive torsional oscillation, vibrations, as well as noise. Important task of a designer is to reduce torsional oscillation in mechanical systems. Presently this problem is mainly solved by the flexible shaft couplings that are selected with regard to the dynamic properties of the given system. It means that every torsional oscillating mechanical system needs to be suitably tuned. The aim of this paper is to present the possibilities of controlling of dangerous torsional oscillations of the mechanical systems by the means of new method, i.e. its optimal tuning by means of the pneumatic coupling with self-regulation, which were developed by us.


Transactions RINA, Vol 158, Part A3, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Jul-Sep 2016 

DOI Number

DOI No: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2016.a3.378

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