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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2020

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 162


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IJME Part A1 2020 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 492: Insights into the Flow Within the Well Dock of a Mothership During Feeder Vessel Docking Manoeuvres

IJME 512a: Evaluation of Survivability of a Ship After Damage with Application of a Risk Calculation Method

IJME 536a: Buckle Propagation of Sandwich Pipes Under External Pressure

IJME 547: Analysis of Dynamic Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Stiffened Plates Based on Extended FE Method

IJME 565: Prediction of The Dynamic Response of a Ship in Head Waves Using OpenFOAM Toolbox

IJME 581: Alternative Assessment of Weather Criterion for Ships with Large Breadth and Draught Ratios By a Model Experiment: A Case Study on an Indonesian Ro-Ro Ferry

IJME 582: Parametric Formulation of the Floodable Length Curve: Application Case to Offshore Patrol Vessels

IJME 586: The Motion Trajectory-Based Finite-Time Control for the Marine Surface Vehicle

IJME 592: Set Point Tracking Control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle using Model Predictive Control

IJME 595: CFD Simulation of Motion Responses of a Trimaran in Regular Head Waves

IJME Part A2 2020 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 564: The Challenges of Major Tank Coating Refurbishment Projects for On-Station Floating Assets

IJME 590: The Potential of Methanol as an Alternative Marine Fuel for Indonesian Domestic Shipping

IJME 591: Non-uniform Rational B-spline based Iso-Geometric Analysis for a Class of Hydrodynamic Problems

IJME 599: Integrated Accident Model for Marine Convoy Traffic in Ice-covered Waters

IJME 600: Determination of Drag and Lift Related Coefficients of an AUV Using Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Methods

IJME 604: Comparison of Unsteady Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Prediction of Self-Propelled Container Ship Squat Against Empirical Methods and Benchmark Data

IJME 610: Introducing Operational Information into Early Stage Ship Design using Queueing Networks

IJME 614:  A Technique of Panels Cutting for Modification of Hull Geometry Hydrodynamic Models

IJME Part A3 2020 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 588: Characteristics of Heat Transfer During Cooling Down Process in a Single Cargo Tank of LNG Carrier

IJME 609: Vector Field Guidance Law for Curved Path Following of an Underactuated Autonomous Ship Model

IJME 612: Dynamic Analysis of Plates with Cut-Out Carrying Concentrated and Distributed Mass

IJME 618: A Study into the Coating Thickness of Ship Ballast Tanks

IJME 621: The Application of Fuzzy AHP – VIKOR Hybrid Method to Investigate the Strategy for Reducing Air Pollution from Diesel Powered Vessels

IJME 624: Simulating Flood Recovery Manoeuvres using a Free-Running Submarine Model

IJME 639: Evaluation of the Potential Hazards of Ship-Generated Waste in Maritime Industry using a Type-2 Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

IJME 233TN: Towards a Qualitative-Quantitative Decision-Making Aid for Fatigue Life Evaluation of Naval High Speed Light Craft

IJME Part A4 2020 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 617: An Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process to Overcapacity Absorbing Methods in Container Shipping

IJME 620: Assessing the Determinants of Safety Culture in the Maritime Industry

IJME 622: Conditional Assessment System for Reinforced Concrete Marine Structures – A Case Study

IJME 635: A Real Time Speed Modulation System to Improve Operational Ability of Autonomous Planing Craft in a Seaway

IJME 641: Retrofitting of Flettner Rotors – Results From Sea Trials of the General Cargo Ship “Fehn Pollux”

IJME 648: Multi-Objective Optimisation and its Application to Concept Development in Floating Offshore Systems

IJME 649: A Future Foretaste: Shipbuilding Industrial Tendencies

IJME 652: Reliability of Corroded Stiffened Plate Subjected to Uniaxial Compressive Loading

IJME 232: Analysis of Yacht Performance Under the IOR Rule: The Relationship Between Geometry and Speed Potential

IJME 234: Why Yacht Rudders Break

IJME 235TN: The Loads on Yacht Anchor Cables

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