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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2017

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 159


The digital archive editions of the International Journal of Maritime Engineering (IJME) are available to member and non-member subscribers. These digital editions can be fully searched online, printed out or annotated with personal notes and bookmarks. The on-line editions, feature advanced page turning technology, multiple views and zoom for easy reading. The issues include live web links to other sites and direct e-mail links. Readers can download, read off-line, print articles and add personal bookmarks and notes to the publications as well as use the advanced keyword search tool.

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IJME  Part A1 2017  (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 375: The Stability of a Freely Floating Ship

IJME 385: Shock Resilience of Structural Pillars in Naval Vessels

IJME 386: Stability Failure Analysis in the Operations of Floating Dry Docks

IJME 390: Optimal Naval Path Planning in Ice-Covered Waters

IJME 391: Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Ships and Restricted Waterways

IJME 395: Human Factor Analysis of Container Vessel’s Grounding Accidents

IJME 400: Application of Fuzzy FMEA to Perform an Extensive Risk Analysis in Maritime Transportation Engineering

IJME 402: Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS-Based Model for Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Engine Auxiliary System

IJME 396tn: Hybrid Communication Network for the Purpose of Maritime Applications


IJME Part A2 2017 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 394: An Advanced Procedure for the Quantitative Risk Assessment of Offshore Installations in Explosions

IJME 401: Numerical Study on NOx Emission Reduction Mechanism of HCCI Marine Diesel Engine for IMO Tier III Emission Limits

IJME 404: Advantages and Obstacles of Applying Physiological Computing in Real World: Lessons Learned from Simulator Based

IJME 407: A Virtual Piston-Type Wave Maker Based on OpenFOAM

IJME 410: A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Analysing Baltic Dry Index in the Bulk Maritime Industry

IJME 415: Naval Architecture Considerations in the Design of Floating Dock

IJME 418: Sliding Mode Based Predictive Controller of a Spheroidal Underwater Vehicle

IJME 419: Model- and Full-Scale RANS Simulations for a Drift Tanker

IJME 420: Backstepping Control of Nonlinear Roll Motion for a Trawler with Fin Stabilizer


IJME  Part A3  2017(click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 351: Risk Analysis of Offshore Transportation Accident in Arctic Waters

IJME 411: Development of Automatic Mode Detection System by Implementing the Statistical Analysis of Ship Data to Monitor the Performance

IJME 416: The Economics of a Long Term Coating

IJME 421: An Optimization Model for Preliminary Stability and Configuration Analyses of Semi-Submersibles

IJME 425: Evaluation Methodology on Trajectory of Inbound Single Ship Using Similarity Measurement Between Planar Clouds

IJME 426: CFD Study of Ship-To-Bank Interaction

IJME 428: Managing International Collaborative Research Between Academics, Industries, and Policy Makers in Understanding the Effects of Biofouling in Ship Hull Turbulent Boundary Layers

IJME 433: Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Reduced Vertical Centre of Gravity of an Articulated Concrete Mattress in Current Flow


IJME Part A4 2017 (click to view all papers in this issue)

IJME 403: Hullform & Hydrodynamic Considerations in the Design of the UK Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF)

IJME 429: Non-Dimensionalisation of Lateral Distances Between Vessels of Dissimilar Sizes for Interaction Effect Studies

IJME 430: Analysis of a WWII T2-Tanker Using a Virtual 3D Model and Contemporary Criteria

IJME 441: Safe Mooring of Large Container Ships at Quay Walls Subject to Passing Ship Effects

IJME 442: The Safety of Ship Berthing Operations at Port Dock – A Gap Assessment Model Based on Fuzzy AHP

IJME 450: Numerical Prediction of Vertical Ship Motions and Added Resistance

IJME 452: Regulatory Approaches Leading to Holistic Implementation in a Fishing Vessel Fleet Less Than 24m in Length

IJME 453: A Simulation-Based Methodology for Evaluating the Factors on Ship Emergency Evacuation

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