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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2016

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 158


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IJME Part A1 2016

IJME 329: Human Factors on Offshore Supply Vessels in the Norwegian Sea ­ An Explanatory Survey

IJME 338: Design of Low-Drag Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Flow Control

IJME 339: Ship-Ship Hydrodynamic Interaction in Confined Waters With Complex Boundaries by a Panelled Moving Patch Method

IJME 347: Design of Adaptive Fuzzy Fractional Order PID Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) in Heading and Depth Attitudes

IJME 348: Unsteady Characteristics of Lift Generated by Small Underwater Control Fin

IJME 350: An AHP Model for the Choice of Ship Flag: A Case Study of Taiwanese Shipowners

IJME 349tn: Effect of the Spanwise Discretisation on Turbulent Flow Past a Circular Cylinder

Discussion: Comparison Between Different Survivability Measures on a Generic Frigate (Vol 157, Part A2, 2015)


IJME  Part A2  2016

IJME 334: A Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Behaviour Characteristics of a Ship Entering a Lock Using Benchmark Test Data

IJME 345: An Inherently Safer Layout Design for the Liquefaction Process of an FLNG Plant

IJME 346: Stress Distribution in the Hollow Stiffened Hybrid Laminated Composite Panels in Ship Structures Under Sinusoidal Loading

IJME 352: Loading Response of Stern Tab Motion Controls in Shallow Water

IJME 356: Parametric Estimation of the Directional Wave Spectrum from Ship Motions

IJME 366: Establishment of NOx Measurement and Certification System for Small Ships

IJME 370: Towards a New SOLAS Convention: a Transformation of the Ship Safety Regulatory Framework

IJME 373: Assembly Line Balancing Implementation in Minor and Sub Assembly Work Shop at Shipyards

IJME 330tn: Human Factors in Ship Design and Operation: a Preliminary Survey of the Theoretical Construct


IJME Part A3 2016

IJME 354: Decision Support System for Power Generation Management for an 110000+GRT Cruise Ship

IJME 362: Review of Practical Aspects of Shallow Water and Bank Effects

IJME 365: Modelling the Heave Oscillations of Vertical Cylinders with Damping Plates

IJME 367: Experimental Investigation into Factors Affecting the Transient Flow of Fluid Through an Orifice in Realistic Conditions

IJME 369: Safety Critical Maritime Infrastructure Systems Resilience: A Critical Review

IJME 377: An Evaluation Approach for Eliminating the Failure Effect in Gas Turbine Using Fuzzy Multiple Criteria

IJME 378: Continuous Tuning of Ship Propulsion System by Means of Pneumatic Tuner of Torsional Oscillation

IJME 384: Investigation of Welder Selection Parameters Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process in Shipbuilding

IJME 388: Buckling and Post-Buckling of Isotropic and Composite Stiffened Panels: A Review on Optimisation (2000-2015)

IJME 357tn: Determining Robust Parameters in Stabilizing Set of Backstepping Based Nonlinear Controller for Ship Course Keeping


IJME Part A4 2016

IJME 372: Reliability of Deteriorated Marine Structures Based on Measured Data

IJME 374: CFD-Based Simulation of the Flow Around a Ship in Oblique Motion at Low Speed

IJME 376: Methodologies to Predict Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Pusher and Puller Podded Propulsors in Oblique Flows

IJME 380: Characterization and Analyses on Residual Stress and Deformation Distribution in Line Heat Process

IJME 382: Response of a High-Speed Wave-Piercing Catamaran to an Active Ride Control System

IJME 383: FAHP for Selecting Transport Modes of Taiwan Off-Shore Islands’ Military Logistics

IJME 387: A Policy-Making Framework for Enhancing the Kaohsiung Port’s Economic Resilience

IJME 392: Application of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Dematel Methods in Maritime Transportation: The Case of Ship Collision

Discussion: Towards a New SOLAS Convention: A Transformation of the Ship Safety Regulatory Framework (Vol 158, A2, 2016)

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