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International Journal of Maritime Engineering 2015

Transactions of The Royal Institution of Naval ArchitectsIJME - IJME Vol 157


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IJME Part A1 2015

IJME 282: On the Safe Pilotage of Ship’s with Propulsion that can Azimuth for Steering

IJME 300: Buckling and Post-buckling of Isotropic and Composite Stiffened Panels: A Review on Analysis and Experiment (2000-2012)

IJME 303: Pressure Distribution Due to Stern Tab Deflection at Model Scale

IJME 308: RANS-Based CFD Prediction of the Hydrodynamic Coefficients of DARPA SUBOFF Geometry in Straight-Line and Rotating Arm Manoeuvres

IJME 311: An Overview: Environmental and Economic Strategies for Improving Quality of Ships Exhaust Gases

IJME 312: Operational Analysis in System Design of Submarines During the Early Phases


IJME Part A2 2015

IJME 317: Special Consumption Tax Incentive on Marine Bunkers and Cargo Shifting to Short Sea Shipping in Turkish Cabotage Routes

IJME 321: Anchor Windlasses: A Design Proposal to Standardise Regulations

IJME 322: Application of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Proses for Error Detection of Auxiliary Systems of Ship Main Diesel Engines

IJME 323: Investigation of Oil Tanker Accidents by Using GIS

IJME 325: Comparison Between Different Survivability Measures on a Generic Frigate


IJME Part A3 2015

IJME 315: Review of Legislation on Noise and Vibration Regulations in Merchant Ships

IJME 316: Anomaly Detection in Vessel Tracking ­ A Bayesian Networks (Bns) Approach

IJME 326: On The Stability of Fast Ferry In Damage Scenarios

IJME 331: Hydrodynamic Hull Form Design Space Exploration of Large Medium-Speed Catamarans Using Full-Scale CFD

IJME 336: Low Reynolds Number Performance of a Model Scale T-Foil

IJME 340: Vertical and Sloped Bank Effects on Different Ship Types


IJME Part A4 2015

IJME 320: Transient Analysis of Hydrodynamic Interaction Effects on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Proximity of a Moving Submarine

IJME 328: Calculation of the Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Two Encountering Bodies in Coupling Multi-Freedom Motions

IJME 333: A Case Study on Stabiliser Fin-Hull Interaction Using CFD and Model Experiments

IJME 335: The Chances for Reduction of Vibrations in Mechanical System with Low-Emission Ships Combustion Engines

IJME 337: Risk Assessment of Arctic Navigation by Using Improved Fuzzy-AHP Approach

IJME 342: Standardising the Design and Production of Mooring Winches Through More Cohesive Regulations: A Necessary Step

IJME 344: 20 Years Decommissioning Experience - Evolution of Innovative Solutions

IJME 353: Work Analysis of Plate Bending Workshop In Shipbuilding Industry


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