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Dry Dock Training



The Dry Dock Training Course provides in-depth technical guidance on the process of dry-docking ships and vessels. The course begins with the basic principles and safety concerns, then progresses through all phases of drydocking; preparation and planning, drydocking, lay period, and undocking. The course ends with a discussion of past accidents. With over 150 years of dry dock experience, DM Consulting brings clarity and organization to an otherwise complex set of drydocking principles. 
DM Consulting is the world leader in dry dock training. Past participants included representatives of shipyards, engineering companies, consulting firms, ship owners, and government agencies from six continents. See for details on the 4-day training course including a list of past attendees and testimonials. DM Consulting's Dry Dock Training Course has accreditation with both The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SNAME) and The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). Both experienced and inexperienced dry dock  personnel have benefited from attending the training. Over 75% of all course attendees rate the course as "excellent". 


-Understand the Art and Science of drydocking ships and vessels.

-Understanding different dry dock advantages and disadvantages.

-Introduction to drydocking basics and safety concerns.

-Comprehend universal drydocking and undocking calculations.

-Hands-on course with student participation in projects and practical application exercises.

-Learn from past dry dock accidents and incidents. 


This training is targeted for:


-Dock Masters/Docking Officers

-Dry Dock crews

-Engineers -Insurance personnel

-Launch/Load Masters

-Marine Surveyors

-Naval Architects

-On-site Representatives  

-Owners Representatives  

-Port Engineers  

-Program/Project Managers

-Shipyard Management

-Others involved/interested in dry docks, drydocking vessels, launching ships, heavy lift operations, and vessel transfers.   

4 Day Dry Dock Training Course Outline 

Dry Dock Terminology:

- Symbols

- Abbreviations

- Definitions 
Drydocking Overview:

- Types of dry docks:

  •  Graving docks 
  • Floating dry docks 
  • Vertical lifts 
  • Slipway/railways
  • Mobile lifts
  • Other 

-Drydocking operation

Ship Supports

- Types of blocks

- Removable blocks

- Hauling blocks

- Hinged blocks 
Naval Architecture and Stability

- Ship structures

- Hydrostatics

- Ship stability 
Collecting Information

- Dry dock data

- Docking plans

- Hydrostatics

- Ship condition/loading 
Drydocking Calculations

- Blocking plan

• Block locations

• Interferences

• Block measurements

• Plan modifications

- Ship placement in the dry dock 

- Block loading

• Average block loading

• Side block loading

▪ Seismic

▪ Wind

• Knuckle/suing reaction

▪ Trim considerations

- Dry dock loading

• Trapezoidal

• Moment-area

- Ship stability

• Initial stability

• Stability at landing

• Draft of instability

- Floating dry docks

• Pumping plans

• Ship-dock system stability

• Deflections

- Operational stops

- Vessel condition

• Draft at landing

• Maximum trim

• Correction for list

• Offset for list/trim 
Dry Dock Math and Science

- Decimals and fractions

- Problem solving

- Rates and conversions

- Brow reach

- Standard docking notation

- Linear extrapolation

- Linear interpolation

- Forces and moments 
Preparations Phase

- Block construction

- Block quality checks

- Emergency planning

- Safety precautions

- Drydocking calculations

- Preparations checklist 
Drydocking Phase

- Dry dock inspection

- Personnel organization

- Communications

- Ship handling

- Positioning

- Landing

- Services/support systems

- Drydocking checklist 
Lay Period Phase

- Weight accounting

- Environmental considerations

- Work safety

- Storm preparations

- Undocking calculations

- Lay period checklist 
Undocking Phase

- Dry dock inspection

- Ship watertight integrity

- Refloating

- Final dry dock inspection

- Undocking checklist 
Undocking Calculations

- Weight changes

• List

• Trim

• Draft/Displacement

• Stability - Knuckle/suing reaction - Stability at lift off - Draft at lift off - Operational stops 
Dry Dock Maintenance

- Scheduled maintenance programs

- Material degradation

- Graving docks

- Floating dry docks

- Vertical lifts

- Slipway/railways

- Mobile lifts

- Other dry dock types 
Open Questions Session

- Attendee provided scenarios

- Docking plans

- Unique situations 
Drydocking Preparations Practical

- Drydocking exercises

- Calculation practice 
Related Operations

- Heavy lift operations

- Launchings 
Drydocking Situations

- Unique situations

• Damaged vessels

• Simultaneous drydockings

• Weather

• Unique ships

- Situations exercise

- Modern dry dock systems 
- Technical knowledge evaluation 

- Analysis

- Lessons learned

- Trends 

Course Fees

Course registration fee includes lunch and refreshments. 

RINA members: £1650+VAT=£1980

Non members: £1750+VAT=£2100

Group (3 delegates or more): £1620+VAT=£1944

(Please note if you are wishing to take advantage of the group fee discount please contact Fazila Mir at

Click here to register for payment by invoice via bank transfer or cheque

Click here to pay online

8-9 Northumberland StreetConference Venue

The Dry Dock Training course will be held at the Institution's Headquarters.

8-9 Northumberland Street, London, WC2N 5DA, UK.

Delegates may take advantage of the Institution's membership to stay at Club Quarters, less than one minute's walk from Headquarters 

Click for details of Headquarters and Club Quarters .

Sponsorship & Exhibitors

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Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities exist for all of our conferences. For more information please follow the link or contact JP Media Services Tel: +44(0)1737 852 135 or e-mail:  to discuss tailored options or availability.

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