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The Damaged Ship 2011 - Conference Papers

26 - 27 January 2011, London, UK

This was RINA first conference to focus on the assessment and analysis of stability, strength, sea worthiness of a ship damaged by collision, grounding, structural failure, fire or explosion. It also consider procedures to minimise negative consequences for passengers, crew, ship, environment and to develop safe countermeasures including sequences for transferring, offloading cargo and ballast water for salvage operations. The following papers were presented at the conference;  

The Damaged Ship ­ The Steepest Learning Curve Yet
D. Vassalos and A. Jasionowski, University of Strathclyde
L. Guarin, Safety at Sea Ltd

A Practical Guide to Damage Stability Assessment ­ Regulation on Damage Stability
J Gullaksen, JG Consultant Engineers, Denmark

Consideration of Damage to Ships from Conceptual Design to Operation: the Implications of Recent and Potential Future Regulations Regarding Application, Impact and Education
K W Hutchinson, Babcock International Group, UK
A L Scott, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK
P N H Wright, M D Woodward and J Downes, Newcastle University, UK

MOD(UK) Salvage and Marine Operations Team ­ Use and Development of Specialist Tools and Emergency Preparedness to the Support of a UK Military Maritime Incident
S Quinn and N Hills MoD, UK

The Damaged Ship
V. Martin, R. Gregory and J. Poulson, Noble Denton

Case Study of Damage Stability Criteria of Merchant Vessels and Warships
R Perez and J M Riola, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Spain

The Application of High Pressure Water Mist as Part of a Holistic Fire Fighting System
S E Ratcliffe, Atkins, UK

Estimation of Orifice Flow Rates for Flooding of Damaged Ships
C D Wood, A J Sobey, D A Hudson and M Tan, University of Southampton, UK
P James, Lloyd’s Register, UK

Dealing with the Hinged Ship - A Review of the Analytical and Practical Issues Based Upon the M.T. Elli Salvage
K Ellam, Swire Salvage (Pte) Ltd, Singapore,
C Moore, Herbert Engineering Corp., USA
R Tagg, Herbert Engineering Shanghai, China

The Rapid Reliability and Risk Assessment of Damaged Ship Structure
M Shahid, Binary Systems and Engineering (UK) Ltd, UK

Progressive Structural Failure and Residual Strength of Damaged Ships
S. Kwon, D. Vassalos and G. Mermiris, The Ship Stability Research Centre (SSRC), Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK

Global Wave Loads on Damaged Ship Structures: An Experimental Procedure and Some Preliminary Results
D Fone, T W P Smith and K R Drake, University College London, UK
J Borg, Lloyd’s Register, London, UK

Simulations of Motions of a Damaged Ship in Regular Waves
A C Gaillard, G X Wu and P Wrobel, University College London, UK

Selecting the Safest Option After Damage ­ A Tool for Decision Support
A. Martin, QinetiQ Ship Structures Team

The Structural and Stability Assessment and Subsequent Recovery of a Damaged Lifeboat
A Harman, N Chaplin, H Phillips and S Austen, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), UK

A GA Based Decision Support Tool for Stability and Structural Viability Under Damage
T Martins and Sousa Lobo, CINAV ­ Portuguese Navy, Portugal

Re-floating and Strength Assessment of Grounded Ships
P. Mangriotis and S. Pollard, London Offshore Consultants

Damage Decision Books for Use by Masters on Vessels with no Computer Based Loading System
M Simpson and I Wallbridge, Hart Fenton & Company Ltd, UK

Expanding the Scope of Rapid Response Damage Assessment (RRDA) ­ A Classification Society Perspective
G Wang, American Bureau of Shipping, USA

The Damaged Ship - MOD Salvage Response to HMS Endurance in The Magallan Straits In December 2008
J R Ward, M Watts and D Price, Ministry of Defence, UK

Tolerable Safety of Damaged Naval Ships
S Marshall, Ship Stability Safety Regulator, Ministry of Defence (UK).

Reference Number

ISBN No. 978-1-905040977

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