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Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair and Design Course

9th - 11th April 2014, London, UK  Fully Booked
This course is also taking place in October 2014. Click here for more information.


Course Overview

In the past 23 years, this training programme has been given more than 300 times, in over 14 different coutries, to over 4000 representatives from organisations in over 26 countries:

Naval Architects, Management Consultants, Project Engineers
Shipyards, Ship Owners, Repair Yards, Naval Shipbuilders
Ship Managers & Repair Supervisors
Major Equipment Vendors, Shipyard Subcontractors
Commercial Fleet Managers, Port Engineers & Legal Reps
Navies, Naval Engineering & Defence Industries
Coast Guards, Maritime Administrators & Fisheries

"The first fresh and rational approach to analyzing maritime contract problems which start with small causes and misunderstandings and which finally cost disproportionate amounts of money and time." N.V., European fleet superintendent

"This seminar was an eye-opener. It made me realize how important it was to clear-up contract ambiguities prior to signing." Contract Manager, major ship repairer

"Gives new insight into negotiating. The course has paid for itself many times over on the first contract after having the course." Vice Pres., Canadian Shipyard

About the Course Leader

Dr Kenneth W. Fisher FRINA is regularly engaged by owners, government agencies, shipyards and vendors and as a consultant and expert witness in contract management. Dr Fisher has directed numerous arbitrations and analyses to identify the weak points and failures of contract management staffs which led to 'contractual disasters' in shipbuilding and ship repair.

The benefits are estimated at two to three percent of the total value of all contracts managed after the training programme.

Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Contract Management and Mis-Management - multiple case studies and lessons learned.
  • Contract Performance Documentation - basic work, change work, extra work and re-work.
  • Change Orders (CO) - advance establishment of approval procedures and time constraints, identifying constructive, negotiated, unilateral and other CO's, identifying the down-side risks of CO's.
  • Critical Path - 'Real-time' identification of changes, slippages and re-routing.
  • Monitoring and reporting production work.
  • Engineering/Drawings - defining the types, schedules and responsibilities.
  • Owner-Furnished Materials - and information: definitions, forms and schedules.
  • Hourly Rates and Overtime - agreeing in advance to whom they apply and who pays for it under different circumstances.
  • Post-Delivery Negotiations - of unpriced change orders: documenting the work.
  • Claim Avoidance - through structured communications and documentation.
  • Delay, Disruption and Acceleration - 'Real-time' identification and quantification of the direct and secondary cases and effects.


Day 1 (09.30- 17.00) - Chronological Elements of Contract Management

Principles of Contract Management
Pre-Signing Contract Management
Contract Signing
Contract Management During Performance
Post-Delivery Contract Management

Day 2 (09.00-17.00) - Change Orders/Arisings - Pricing, Scheduling & Negotiation

Avoiding changes with 'most-probable' specifications
The 'true' origin of changes
Identification of the real change in workscope
Change work as a substitute for basic work
Engineering & procurement for changes
Support services necessary for change work
Estimating change work vs. basic work
Estimating non-productive effects of changes
Identifying often overlooked billable personnel
Construction yard vs. owner's estimates
Lead times and durations for change work
Identifying schedule impacts of change
Reliance on OFM/GFM commitments
Identifying when the owner/government can't say no

Day 3 (09.00 - 16.00) - Specific Contract Management Discussion Topics

Contract Management vs. Project Management
Contract Definition, Document Precedence
Specification types and advantages of each
Drawings and Bills of Materials
Classification and Regulatory Matters
Owner's Approvals
Owner Furnished Materials and Information
Documented Communications
Schedule/CPN and Schedule Monitoring
Labour Hours - Estimates, Budgets, Actuals
Delays - Excusable, Compensable, Concurrent
Financial Matters and Considerations
Vessel Delivery and/or Re-delivery
Standards for Inspections and Substitutions

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