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International Conference on Computational and Experimental Marine Hydrodynamics (MARHY 2018)

26-27 November 2018, IIT Madras, Chennai, IndiaMarine CFD


Marine hydrodynamics deals with flow around marine vehicles, such as surface ships, submarines, AUVs and ROVs, and offshore structures, both fixed and floating ones. Some of the important topics are marine vehicle resistance and propulsion, controllability, wave loads, wave induced motions, and energy and ecology considerations. Correct understanding and application of hydrodynamics on marine vehicles and structures are vital in their design and operation.

Computational methods in marine hydrodynamic problems are applied to solve a wide range of maritime applications. Significant progress has been made over the recent past towards the development of the 'numerical towing tank' and 'virtual basin or cavitation tunnel'. Research and development work is still ongoing to enhance their stability, accuracy, computational speed and its integration into the overall design process. While the computational hydrodynamics can provide important insights into physical flow characteristics and offers an economic way to investigate a range of design options, it may still lack the accuracy to match results obtained in real-life experiments. This obviously points to the fact that the computational methods do not replace the experiments completely. The development of non-invasive flow measurement and visualization techniques such as particle image velocimetry (PIV) has resulted in better understanding and quantifying the complex hydrodynamic behavior such as wake in ship propeller region, flow around appendages and vortex shedding from risers,

The aim of the conference and the pre-conference workshop is to provide a venue for disseminating recent advances made in computational and experimental marine hydrodynamics and explore outstanding and frontier problems in marine hydrodynamics for further research and applications.


RINA is responsible for organisation of the Conference activities at the international level and a National Organising Committee constituted jointly by Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and RINA Chennai Branch will be responsible for the smooth running of the Conference.

Conference ThemesMarine CFD 3

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Resistance, propulsion, sea-keeping, and manoeuvrability,
  • Cavitation and cavitating flows,
  • Non-linear forces due to wind, waves and current,
  • Effect of slamming, sloshing, green water, run-up, and impact loads,
  • Computational fluid dynamics, numerical modeling and simulation for towing/wave tank
  • Experiments,
  • Hull form optimization based on integration of CAD, CAE and CFD,
  • Fluid-fluid and fluid-structure interactions,
  • Flow induced noise and vibration,
  • High speed and energy efficient vessels,
  • Offshore platforms, pipelines, risers and mooring systems,
  • Renewable marine energy and ocean resources, and
  • All other applications in naval architecture and ocean engineering.

Call for Papers

MARHY-2018 invites all the researchers to submit original and unpublished work. Please submit an extended abstract (2-3 pages) in RINA format on A4 size in Times New Roman Script of 12-pt font. All the received abstracts will be reviewed and judged on merits including correctness, originality, technical strength and quality of presentation. The accepted abstracts will be invited for the full-length paper submission (up to 14 pages). The accepted full-length papers will be published in the conference proceedings. For each of the accepted papers at least one of the authors has to register for the conference.

Submit an abstract or register interest in the MARHY-2018 conference and receive updates as they become available

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: 31 May 2018
  • Acceptance notification: 15 June 2018
  • Full paper submission due: 15 July 2018
  • Final acceptance notification: 15 August 2018
  • Final camera ready papers due: 30 August 2018


The Conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). The IITM campus is a selfcontained township with all facilities of a modern university, situated in a beautiful natural forest, in the heart of Chennai city in the southeast coast of India.

For further details about IIT Madras, please visit

For further details about Chennai city, pleasevisit


In the MARHY-2018, four dedicated sessions – Hydrodynamics of fluid-structure interaction, Hydrodynamics for propulsion, Experimental hydrodynamics for ocean engineering, and Hydrodynamics for design – are planned. Each one of the dedicated sessions will open with a keynote talk and will consist of regular conference papers.Please wait for more details on the Workshop and Conference programmes.

Delegate fees



Indian Authors

International Authors

Author (industry)

10,000 INR.

400 USD.

Author (academic institutions) 8,000 INR. 400 USD.
Author (student) 4,000 INR. 200 USD.
Non-author participant 10,000 INR.  


Contact Information

The Organising Secretary, MARHY-2018
Department of Ocean Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600 036, INDIA
Ph: -44 -22574820 / 4803
Fax: -44 -22574802

Organizing coordinators

Dr. R. Vijaya Kumar E-mail:
Dr. Suresh Rajendran E-mail:
Prof. Krishnan Kutty E-mail:

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