CEMT Council meetings


12 Nov 2020

The Council of CEMT held its Autumn meeting on 12 Nov 2020.  The meeting was held online. 

Matters discussed at the meeting included the following:

Appointment of Chairman and Vice Chairman

Trevor Blakeley (RINA) was re-appointed as Chairman.  Dino Telesca (ATENA) was appointed as Vice Chairman.

Working as a professional engineer

Guidance on the requirements for registration and qualification as a professional engineer required to work in the maritime industries of Europbe would be published on the CEMT website


A CEMT Linkedin account would be opened

New members

Societies from Russia, Sweden and Norway would be invited to become members of CEMTAction: Complete

CEMT Post graduate conference

KORAB briefed the meeting on the first CEMT Postgraduate Research Conference, held online on 22 Apr 2020, and was attended by 83 delegates from 9 countries.  It was agreed that the conference was a success.

It was agreed that the conference should become an annual event, and that the next conference would be held in Autumn 2021.  This would be an online conference, with consideration to future, post Corvid-19 conferences being held as live events ((i.e. delegates actually in attendance at a single venue).


CEMT will be represented on Waterborne TP by members from Poland and Greece who are member.

Date and place of next meetings

The 2021 Spring meeting will be held online.  The Autumn 2021 meeting will be held live, Corvid-19 permitting.


The Spring 2020 meeting was cancelled because of Covid-19



4 April 2019

The Council of CEMT held its Spring meeting at Lake Orta, Italy.  The meeting was hosted bt ATENA. 

Matters discussed at the meeting included the following:

Young Maritime Engineers conference

In accordance with CEMT’s role in promoting the professional development of young engineers in the maritime industry, it was agreed that a conference for graduate and post graduates would be held in the Spring of 2020.  The conference would have no specific topic, other than maritime engineering, and would provide an opportunity for young engineers to present and discuss their research and development work.

Post meeting note:  It has been agreed in principle that the conference will be organised by Gdansk University of Technology, Poland.  Details will be agreed at the Autumn meeting.

2018 CEMT Award

It was agreed that the 2018 CEMT Award should be presented to FinFerries,  StoGda Ship Design & Engineering and CRIST S.A. in recognition of their commission, design and construction of the first fully electric propelled ferry  to be operated in Europe.

Post meeting note:  The Award was presented by the Chief Executive at the Forum Wizja Roswoju in Gdynia, Poland.

Student organisations.

It was agreed that student organisations should be listed on the CEMT website, with contact details to encourage interchange between students in different countries.

Waterborne TP

It was noted that CEMT was not a member of Waterborne TPbut continued to receive papers, which were forwarded to CEMT member societies, keeping them informed of its activities