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Branch News - June 2019

The team at Solent University have been very accommodating with our lecture programme, for which I am grateful, but this has meant that the lecture venue has, with a couple of exceptions, become focussed on Solent University.  For the 2019 – 2020 season I’d like to hold one or two lectures in the Poole area and a similar number in Portsmouth.  The obvious candidate in Poole is the RNLI College and if any members reading this have connections with the college, I’d be very grateful to hear from them.  Within Portsmouth, BAE Systems and the University are both options and likewise if someone has a connection there, I’d like to hear from them.

The venue would need to hold 100 people, provide tea and coffee beforehand and be available from 1800 to 2100 a couple of Thursday evenings between October 2019 and June 2020.

The lecture at the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) seemed to suffer with a number of gremlins and not for the first time.  We will give it another go in 2020 and if that fails we will look to somewhere else for that lecture.

Having praised Solent University, please note they are now charging for parking.  I believe this can only be paid for by phone or through the internet.  The team tried to get an exception for the lectures but were met with a refusal.

Registering via Eventbrite can be a daunting prospect.  There are a plethora of seemingly irrelevant questions (which you generally don’t have to answer) just to register an interest in going to a technical lecture.  Some lectures at Sultan and Qinetiq, for example, require information on the attendees and Eventbrite is good for collating this however for the majority, it is overkill.  The SJB piggy back on to the IMarEST Eventbrite ‘account’ so tailoring the questions isn’t quite so straight forward.  The SJB could go down their own route but this risks duplicating effort.  

The jury is still out on the best way forward so there may be a number of registering or indeed not registering routes tried next season.

For next year there are going to be nine or ten lectures including a visit to the maritime training facilities at Solent University.  I’ve confirmed a lecture with Steve Austen from Supacat which will be in Poole at a venue TBC and I’d also like a RNLI lecture but this is proving slightly elusive.  Can you help?
Event cards will come out in due course once I’ve stopped the majority of the fiddling with the programme.
Looking to the future, if you would like to present a lecture in the 2020 – 2021 season, please get in touch.


Following each lecture I get a number of requests for CPD certificates.
These were generated as proof of CPD however a decision was made that it was acceptable to record in a logbook your attendance at these events.  As such CPD certificates will no longer be issued.


Should you have any comments / questions or would like to discuss regarding presenting a lecture or providing a venue, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Guy Canovan



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